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This post has been swimming around in my head for quite some time.  I write a few sentences, and then I feel like I’m not conveying my heart totally.  I will get out in the open, that I often admire these husband/wife teams of photographers or entrepreneur.  Honestly, when I see a couple that heads off to shoot a wedding together, there is a hint of jealously as I would love that.  God has been showing me, how special it is to have a spouse (as amazing as he is) that is NOT a creative.

So for me, the hardest part is not that he’s not a “creative” so to speak, but that he’s not an entrepreneur.  I’ve had days where I have resented this, and thought, Lord, why don’t we have that connection that so many have.  But God has slowly showed me that what we have is special and offers so much to my business, and works for us and our family, and God knew exactly what He was doing when He put us together.

Here’s what I’m learning!

  • By not being the in the “biz” it forces me to turn it off.  I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we would talk shop non stop if he was a part of the business.  We would always have a angle or a new idea to discuss.  That’s not healthy, we all need down times of not being about business.  We need times when our mind takes a break and he forces me to do that, which is so healthy.  Chris will often say…put down the phone, the computer, the laptop.  It forces me to take a break because if I didn’t, we would never communicate.  I need that break, I need to know that there is more to life that just Sara-Anne Photography and he helps me with that on a daily basis.
  • I also get a perspective that is not over analyzed, that comes from a place that is probably much more like those of my clients, more objective and simple.  For instance, I was responding to an email and I wrote it, and erased it and then re-wrote it, but when I ran it by Chris, he said, just say this…so simple, so easy and just there.  I love that perspective.
  • Chris also can encourage me like no one else.  I often believe that he were in the trenches with me, it would make him a bit more immune to the hardships that a entrepreneur endures.  He would be facing them on his own…but with us, he can truly see my struggling, see my hurting and can minister and encourage me in those areas.  Last night, after some tears about a situation, he turned to me and said “babes, you are doing a great job working through this”  that meant the world to me.  I truly believe that if he were in the middle of the situation too…it wold be harder for him to say things like that.
  • Balance, because we are both not enduring the same things day in and day out, there’s a balance that is really welcome.  He’s able to even my emotions and stress as he’s not walking through what I am, and that’s a good thing.
  • Forced me to find creative friendships in other circles.  This has been so good for me, and the Tuesday Together community has been the BEST for this.  I have that creative outlet to share and talk business with, I have those friendships that are deep because we share a same bond, but I also have a husband who understands the need for those friendships, and doesn’t try to be those for me.  He is who he is and it’s perfect for us.

So the days when I wish we were building this business together…I realize I have the biggest cheerleader ever, and he can be that because he’s on the outside and not an intricate part.

In a day when it seems like so many are trying to do the husband/wife thing, I’m rejoicing in the fact that my hubs has his own set of gifts, he’s called to his own marketplace and that God is using both of us, in those spaces, to work with so many people.

I had the awesome opportunity to capture this sweet (and very large) family while they were vacationing at Holden Beach.  Mom found me when searching Holden Beach Family Pictures, and said she fell in love with our style (which we love).  Their session was a bit crazy, but don’t you know, that always produces the best images.  Thank you so much Leosha family!  I loved every minute of working with you and hope we an do it again soon!

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