My tips to Juggling Tasks: Holden Beach Family Photographer

It’s a Mish Mosh Monday for sure!

Ever have Monday’s when they are actually slower and quieter than your weekend? That’s today!  We are back from a weekend of soccer in Wilmington.  We finished off our first season of travel soccer and I have a new found respect for the “soccer mom”.    Micah played 3 games in less than 24 hours…needless to say, we were all wiped!

It’s been cold and rainy for the last week or so here in NC, and it’s been wreaking havoc on my schedule.  I’m hoping it will all get out of our system before all our beach sessions which kick into full gear next week.

This week is insane, I have a meeting every day and a session every night! One of those weeks when I look at my calendar and think…if I can just make it to Saturday!  (only this week, Saturday is crazy too)

I recently had someone ask me “how do you manage to keep all the balls up in the air?” Honestly, they don’t all stay up there!  In fact, they often come crashing down, but three things that I do that helps me keep on task with so many different aspects (business, family, clients etc)  Hopefully they will help you!

  • Prioritize:  I make a list (a huge list of all the things I have to do) then I put an “A” by the things that HAVE to get done that day or something bad will happen.  Things like register Micah for soccer tryouts…if I don’t do that, he can’t play.  Then I put a “B” by the things that I would like to get done, but sometimes, they just don’t make it.  A “C” by things that are on the list, but often take a few days or weeks to accomplish!  This truly helps as I tackle those “A” right off the bat, usually trying to get them done before lunch time and often by 10 r so!
  • Delegate:  I have learned to do this a lot this year.  I find other people to help with things.  I’ve been kind of forced into this spot, but my kids are old enough where they can help with so much and my husband is great too!  I also have a great studio team that I am learning to trust more and more!
  • Block of Time:  This has been the biggest change for me and the most helpful.  I set myself times where I work like crazy on certain things.   For instance, today, I have blocked off until 10:00 to work on blog, I have 30 min to work on orders etc.  Those blocks help me keep on task and work like crazy until the “time is up”  It’s actually very freeing.   Then once I’m done with that block, I have the freedom to go run errands, run to the studio, etc.
  • Doing things that I dread First:  This has also been huge to me.  I go ahead and do the tasks that I loathe first.  I make that call, I send that email etc.  Then the rest of my list isn’t that hard and daunting!

You know, it’s so hard to juggle and to create a balance in your life.  We all struggle with it, EVERYONE! , but I have found, that doing just a few things differently, it has made tremendous changes.

We had the opportunity to capture this sweet couple at Holden Beach!  The light was just dreamy, the air was a tad on the cooler side and their love was so evident!  Jacob and Lindsey, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this special time in your life.  I loved every minute of our time together and I wish you all the best as you begin your lives together!

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2016-05-22_0009Holden Beach Engagement Pictures


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