Rustic Jeep Truck Engagement Session: Burlington NC

It’s been a pretty quiet holiday weekend around here.  For the first time in 6 years, we are home and not shooting at the beach (that’s a bit deceptive as we head down tomorrow for a few sessions) but we have enjoyed just being around town.

We kicked off the weekend at 4th Friday, B’towns summer fun series.  It’s always fun to go and see so many faces that are both friends and clients!  Saturday was filled with work, a commercial shoot and the sweetest 6 month old.  Yesterday, we spent most the day nursing our sick pup and catching up on so much needed “house cleaning”  I made blueberry cobbler and short ribs which were supper yummy!

I”m realizing more and more that when you are in business for your self, when you have no one saying “these are the days we don’t work”  we have be extra vigilant about making space to just breath.  There is always something to do.  I can sit down and put a computer in my lap nearly all day if I could.  I’m trying hard to take a few moments here and there, to just sit!  Our brains need it so much.

We’ve been working on some big projects, that require me to write a lot and this weekend we were working on creating a business plan.  I was kind of thrown in to that when I entered the contest to win my studio.  One of the things that was required, was a presented business plan.  So like most small businesses, I had no clue what to write and I googled it and went from there!  I want to encourage you with 3 reasons why I think you need a plan.

  1. Writing something down gives you ownership.  Having a place where my dreams and plans for SAP were written down, made me feel a bit more official.  I had been in business for 4 years before doing my business plan, but I felt more “legit” once I had it all written down.
  2. A great Bench Mark for you to use.  I was talking with a colleague and who had read my business plan, and she asked, “It would be neat to look back and see how you have done”  So with some fear and hesitation, I pulled it out.  Do you know what?  I had exceeded all my goals that I had written in that plan with the exception of one (to open another studio) WOW!  How exciting that was to see that the plan that I felt God had given me and SAP for the most part had come to fruition.  The things that didn’t…I know I either need to work on more, or revise and that’s okay.  It was such an encouragement to me to see how far I had come.  I remember putting that plan in to place, presenting it to the committee and them saying “these are lofty goals”  …but guess what?  They have been achieved!  Praise God!
  3. Having a Plan gives you something to fall back on when you are confused and struggling.  Yes, you will struggle, you will wonder what in the heck you are doing, I know I have.  Being able to go back and look through what the “goal” was and is, helps me just stay on track!

So if you are are a small business owner and wondering if you should have a business plan, I would say YES!  In fact, we are super excited about our 1/2 workshop on preparing and writing a business plan for small business owners.  You can see all the information here

I”m so excited about sharing these images with this super sweet couple!  I met with Emily to discuss her engagement session and I could tell right away, the love that she and Kyle have.  She talked about how they met, (on instagram) and the things they love to do (like his Jeep Truck) and what their plans were for their future.  Emily is simply stunning!  She has these beautiful eyes that capture you.  She had Kyle, though a bit nervous at first, warmed up quickly and we were able to catch some awesome images that represent their love and connection.

This was a first for me, incorporating a Jeep Truck…it may or may not have meant that I had to haul and climb a 10 ft ladder out to a field, but you know…that’s what we do! Thank you so much Kyle and Emily for allowing me to be a part of this special time!  I absolutely loved your farm engagement session!  You both rocked it!

2016-05-30_00012016-05-30_00022016-05-30_0003alamance country club photographeralamance country club photographer

This is one of my all time favorites…Love their laughter and their smiles!

2016-05-30_0006Burlington NC Engagement Picturesalamance country club photographer

Burlington NC Wedding Photographer2016-05-30_00112016-05-30_00122016-05-30_00132016-05-30_0014Burlington NC Engagement Pictures2016-05-30_0017Burlington NC Engagement Pictures

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