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Hey there!  I see you …maybe you are sitting at work checking out your social media (I know you do that…I did it too) maybe you are in the carpool line…maybe you are waiting at the post office or maybe you are searching for inspiration.  Whatever your story is, I want you to know that YOU…yes you, point that finger right at you…YOU are enough!  I just believe in my core today that someone needs to hear this.  That you are struggling with a dream…with a goal…with desires, but that you just think, “I just can’t” But you CAN!

Stop telling yourself that you are not skinny enough or pretty enough to do that one thing that you have longed to do.  You  know that that thing that you say “if only…I would” That statement right there is a LIE…and you need to stop believing it!

In the corner of your heart right now, I want you to say to yourself, I am enough and I have a purpose.  You do.  If your purpose is to rock and nurse babies, then that is AMAZING…if your purpose is to wipe snotty noses and cart kids from one practice to another…then you are a rock star.  IF your purpose is to run a small direct sales business, then give it all you can and YOU can do it!  You are enough.  You have been given all that you need to matter TODAY!!

We each have our own “marketplace”  some of us it’s our home (with all the dirty laundry and toys) some of that, it’s the corporate setting (the crazy schedules and the high demands) and for some it’s our own small business (feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders but having such dreams) we have been set in our marketplace to make a difference and YOU can do it!  Stop telling yourself that you have to

  • have this _____ amount of money
  • look like this
  • loose this much weight
  • know these certain people
  • have more time

all of these things are lies that we believe in order to not doing what we are suppose to be doing.  I know you can do it!  But first, you have to believe that you are enough!

I struggle so much with the “if only’s”  I think we all do (especially women)  but we are suppose to rise above it and to over come those things which in the root are fears.

For me some of those if only’s are

  • If only I had more hours in the day
  • If only my kids drove
  • If only my husband was working too (he’s in school full time)
  • If only I had a better brand and website
  • If only I had better equipment
  • If only I was more organized
  • If only I was a bit healthier

I really could go on and on, but I’m vowing to not let these things take over my life.  I am committed this year to rise above them and go after what I feel I’ve been called to and put on this planet for.  I will repeat to myself I am enough…and so are you!

So now that hopefully you feel a bit more encouraged, I want to share this sweet session.  This sweet and completely adorable baby girl is one of my Lullaby Club babies!  I am totally in love with her big blue eyes and that amazing hair…believe or not..she was born with a head of hair (you can see here) and her mom’s beautiful burlington nc maternity session here (one of my all time favorites).  She is blessed to have two of the greatest parents, who I have loved getting to know with each session.  I also have loved to  see how her mom documents this cute baby daily…she is truly enjoying every minute of motherhood!
newborn photographer burlington6 month baby picture


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