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I can not believe that it’s December 31….it’s blowing my mind!  As most people do at this time, there’s a lot of reflection going on these last few days.  2015 has been by far the most amazing year for Sara-Anne Photography, but it’s also been a year of ups and downs.  I will re-cap in detail over the next few days, and share with you some of our goals and plans.  I love letting you all in to a glimpse of my heart and my mind.  As I enter a time of brand refreshing and starting to turn my “ship” in some new directions I want you to be a part of it all.  I will be much more transparent this year…my heart is to truly give people something to chew on each time they leave this site.

I have realized over the last year, that one thing that I adore is educating…not only in photography as a art, but also empowering other entrapenures and giving them tips to help them take their business, their marketplace to the next level.  I by no means feel that I know it all…I’m still learning all the time, but I feel that I’ve been very blessed in my business and there are things that I long to share, long to give you so that you can feel that you are growing too.

So not only do I want to share some amazing images from beautiful clients that I have the pleasure of working with, but I also want to share ideas, tutorials, goals, plans etc that will help those of you who are working to build your own small business to the next level.

  • I want to give you hands on information (not just etherial) but how did I get that shot information, or how did I edit that composite of that newborn image.
  • I want to help you in marketing, networking, building a brand that represents you and helps you to stand out
  • I want to encourage you…we all have those times (and I had more than my share this year) when we feel like “what in the heck am I doing?”  but I want you to walk triumphantly and to be victorious in your journey
  • I long to share with you my heart and why I do what I do…what is the heart and soul behind Sara-Anne Photography

I am so excited.  I’ve been mulling and reflecting on these things for over 8 months, for me that’s an eternity as I am not a mull over person…I usually just jump, but I wanted to be sure that this is where I wanted to take things, and I am more convinced than ever that it is!

I promise you if you follow closely, if you hang with me, a year from now, you will have so much more under your belt (we all will) you will have grown so much and hopefully your life will be a bit prettier with all the beautiful images that I will be sharing!

I met this mom in the Service League (by far one of the best decisions that I’ve made) the first time I met Amy was when we both had our heads in huge pots of sauce as we stirred and stirred for a lasagna fundraiser.  I remember thinking, this is one cool chick!  Then I got to know her a bit more as we worked Holly Days together and I loved the fact that she was not afraid to make changes…I loved that she was willing to work for the better of the common good and I loved that I could tell that her family was the apple of her eye (it’s amazing what you can learn from people in shorts amounts of time).  Then I met her family (just for a very brief few moments) and I could see why…what fun, what connection.  The other thing that struck me about Amy that speaks volumes…is that other moms rave about her kiddos…to me, there isn’t a higher praise then when another parents says something positive about my kids…and this has happened multiple times with hers…that speaks volumes to her as a mom!  I’m sad that she’s finished her time with the league..but I’m so thankful that I got to meet her!  Amy you have a beautiful family…you are so blessed!

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