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It’s time to kick off a new regular feature here on the blog, Photo Tip Friday. Each first Friday of the month we will be sharing some great info that can help you shoot better images for yourself.

Today we are going to cover composition. Even if you don’t know how to shoot on manual mode just yet, having a photo with good composition will take your photo to the next level. Plus most of these rules  are the same for any type of camera, whether it’s your phone or dSLR. So let’s get started!

Focal Point-a great photo will only have one focal point. Competing elements only distract from the overall composition. You’ve got to make the decision before you shoot what that element will be. For me, I like to think about the story I am trying to tell with my image. This quickly helps me decide where the focal point should be.

Rule of Thirds-a common mistake in photography is placing everything in the center of the photo. Sure, this can totally work sometimes. But it is better to think of your image with three equally spaced lines running from top to bottom and also from left to right. Moving a subject to to where these lines meet is generally where the focal point of your photo should be. Don’t misunderstand, the eyes of your subject don’t have to be right on those lines, but the focus of your photo should be near them. Rule of thirds can also help bring depth to your image, forcing the viewer eyes to have to explore your photo but eventually leading them to your focal point.

Perspective-you don’t have to shoot every shot the way you see it. Changing where you are standing, shooting down low or from above can instantly change the look of a photo. This is especially true when shooting children. Get down on their eye level and the image instantly becomes more dramatic.

Cropping– the most important thing to remember with cropping is don’t cut off an image at the knees, ankles, wrists and elbows. Any time you do this it will look like your subject has missing limbs. Second, it is also important to think about getting your image right in camera without scarifying the quality if you crop during post processing. A well-round photographer will shoot a mix of images that are both cropped tight and loose. Tight images are great for photos focusing on details. While loose cropping allows you to include your environment. So mix it up and have fun.

Finally, remember to analyze your scene while shooting for distracting elements always keeping in mind what you most want to highlight. And even if you get in wrong, the more you practice they better your images with get.

If you are dying to get off manual mode, we will be offering our next session of our popular Camera Camp on August 27 at our studio.  Contact us for more details.

It was a great night at the beach when we meet up with this beautiful family. The light was so perfect, the kids adorable, and you better believe we were thinking about these composition rules while shooting.

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andrea 32

andrea 19

andrea 30

andrea 18

andrea 35

andrea 10

andrea 6a

andrea 4

andrea 24

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