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How are you doing?  Really…I really want to know!  Are you up to your eyeballs in work and wonder how you will get through it?  Are you on vacation and enjoying family time?  I often when I write a post think about who is reading it…there are 1000’s of you and I don’t know your story…I have no idea the joys and pains you are enduring but I do know that I’m so thankful that for a brief moment, you choose to stop by my little corner of the internet and let me be a part of your life just for a moment.  I hope and pray that God uses these words to encourage you!

I am in full swing beach sessions right now!  It’s always crazy to me how they just start with a furry…and just like that summer is CRAZY for the Caudle Clan.  I’ve had some people ask questions about beach sessions and thought it might be a good time to answer them right here for everyone!

It’s not sunny out, is that okay?  YES YES YES!  I actually love it when it’s a bit overcast.  There are so many reasons….no harsh shadows, no squinty eyes, beautiful cloud formations, colors are richer and usually no sun glare.  So while I know you all love those beautiful sunsets, I love overcast nights.

Do you own a place at the beach?  No, I don’t, but I do have wonderful family at both Holden and Ocean Isle beach and I’m blessed to have them there.

What made you start doing beach sessions?  Well, I actually was asked by a family friend to capture their family…once I did, I fell in love with the lighting, the way the family’s naturally play and the captures that I was able to get were some of my favorites.

What is the most challenging part of shooting at the beach? There are a couple things that make it a challenge…first the wind, it often is so windy and my clients truly want those beautiful “money shot” portraits and so we have to finagle it a bit.  Also the people…during the summer, I’m always dodging people walking (it amazes me that they can be so oblivious at times)  But I make it work and they are never in the shots.

What is the best part about beach photography?  Meeting so many new people from all over the world, I truly find it such a blessing to be able to photograph families from all over.  This year I have families from Alaska, Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Vermont and England.   So while a lot of wedding photographers find it fun to be able to do a destination, I get to do people who are using the NC coast as a destination.  It’s pretty fun!

What are a few things you wish people knew about beach photography?  WOW, well I do have several thought on this.

  • Not all photographers are the same…while beach photography has grown.  (I mean, when I first was traveling to the beach, I was close to the only one doing portraits on the beach, but now, so many photographers have seen how much people like it and so many are doing it) So while that is the case, we are all different and I really challenge you to find a photographer that fits your style.  Last week I photographed a family and her relative also booked a photographer, but different than me.  She said that they had a horrible experience.  That’s not that the photographer wasn’t talented enough, or capable, it just means that they may not normally work with small children or know about the style that you may like.  So I always want to make sure that we are a good fit.  I have my clients on the ground most of the time, I play with their kiddos etc…that’s not for everyone!
  • know that it’s best if you relax…I mean, have a glass of wine and just chill.  It will show in your photos.
  • Let’s play a bit and have fun…those are the absolute best pictures.  I will get those portrait style images…but let’s just capture your family enjoying each other!

What is your favorite beach?  Hmm…I love so many for different reasons.  Holden at the point is just perfect.  I love Kiawah Island…I adore Bald Head Island and I love Ocean Isle because I can get dunes and water at the same time!

Where do you find your clients?  They find me…it’s the amazing power of google!   This year however, most of my clients are repeat clients…super fun!  They are growing families and I have the pleasure of capturing their new additions.  It’s the biggest compliment to me and I cherrish it so much!

This sweet family is just like one mentioned above.  I had the pleasure of photographing them last summer during one of my favorite sessions…and then was thrilled that mom called me to book again (as you can see they are adding a baby girl this fall)  Their little guy is the epitome of a beach baby…and their whole family is just beautiful!  I really do have the best job on the planet I believe.  Someone told me yesterday “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”  I believe that whole heartedly and get to live it each day!

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