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As a Holden Beach photographer who has been capturing families at North Carolina beaches for years (over 8 now), I wonder what are the obstacles that are standing in your way from having beautiful family portraits like the ones below!  I recently did a survey for some of my clients and friends to see what the results were and to be honest, I wasn’t really surprised!

The Way I Look:
Well, I know too well what it’s like to not feel great about the way we look.  As someone who has struggled with my weight and self-esteem my entire life, and have hid from the camera, I know that feeling.  On the flip side, I also know the feeling of having zero, yes zero pictures of me and my mom…why? because she hated the way she looked and never got in front of the camera, and even less with me because I was always taking the pictures.  Now that she’s gone, I would give anything to have some beautiful pictures with her…and I didn’t give a hooey about what she looked like, that she had an extra 50 pounds on her, that she had some gray hair…all I care about pictures with her!  Which sadly I don’t have!

Your kids don’t care, they, especially when they are older, will just want pictures of you.  Plus, it’s my job as a photographer to make sure we capture you in the best possible light, and I promise…I do that very well!

I Can’t Afford Them
What I found is that many feel that the price point is way out of their range.  My answer to that is don’t let affordability stop you!  If you want beautiful pictures to remember your “happy place”  pictures that will make you smile every time you see them (yes that is what our clients say) pictures that will capture a special time in your families life?  If you want those, then choose to invest in pictures.  I’m always amazed when someone calls me and says “oh I can’t afford you, we have a trip to Disney next month”  Well, my answer is yes, you can afford me, its just that you have chosen to place importance on Disney over family pictures (which is totally oka) but we make room in our budgets for what is important.  I am never more honored than when a mom emails me and says, “we have never had family pictures taken, but I know I want you to take them and so we are going to save”

Also, I think the masses feel that you have to have EVERY single image taken, when in reality, most of my clients choose 2-5 of their favorites.  From there, they either choose to have beautiful framed artwork or maybe just one beautiful canvas.  That is very affordable.  Don’t get caught in the trap that you have to have them all.  I think that because of the digital format, we have been trained that we need 100 plus images…that is phooey!  When we were film photographers, there was no way we could present 100 proofs…the photographer chose the absolute best of the best and developed them, and then we chose our favorites.  That is really all you want, are your favorites!  So getting your favorites is very affordable!

So while yes, there are obstacles, don’t let these two stand in your way!  We promise, that we will help you address them both, and assure that you will be so happy you took the plunge!

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Sara-Anne Photography is North Carolina’s Premiere beach photographer, she specializes in capturing families at all NC and SC beaches including Holden Beach, Ocean Isle, Bald Head Island, Outer Banks, Topsail Island, Carolina Beach, Sunset Beach and Cherry Grove

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