Tips for Find the Right Newborn Photographer: Greensboro Newborn Photographer

The other day someone sent me an email and asked me why I thought my newborn work was different than the other photographers around me.  That question is at times what keeps me going as it’s why I think clients choose Sara-Anne Photography for their newborn photography.  It is true that there are many great photographers and many who do newborns, so in your choice, you should be able to see very clearly which one fits your needs best!

  • Our work speaks for it self. You will always have beautiful images that capture the sweetness of your baby. We know how to handle these precious new babies and that is why we are known as the “baby whisper” in the area. We have luck with even babies as old as 2 months, getting them to sleep, posing them, and capturing the sweetest images for you to cherish.
  • Our Lullaby Club: It’s the best baby plan around. Why? because it’s unlimited…meaning you can do as many sessions with us as you wish. Maternity, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, beach etc…we have clients who use the unlimited part to capture a quick session when family visits or to do a beach session or even santa pictures.  It really offers your the most flexibility.
  • We are pros…we have years (yes years and years ) of experience of working with these sweet babies…we aren’t “trying” things out on your little one…we are not “trying” a pose…we know what we are doing from years of experience. Things such as newborn safety, what newborns like, what poses are good for their little bodies etc. We’ve studied, taken workshops, consulted with medical professionals etc…we know what we are doing.
  • Our props…we have the best props, backdrops, hats, etc the industry offers. We don’t use the cheapo vendors, we use the finest quality…this makes a HUGE difference in the outcome!
  • Our Studio We really believe that there is not a studio like for miles around.  Yes, others have beautiful spaces, but ours is the PERFECT environment for newborns for so many reasons.  Mom’s and dads get to just sit and relax as they watch us work.  We have a beverage and snack bar always open for you.  There are places for you to hide away as you nurse and it’s awesome that you can see and touch all our amazing products.
  • We are classic. Yes we pose your baby, but we want the images to be timeless and classic to be art that will last through the ages.
    Our studio…wow…what can we say, we know that our studio environment makes a BIG difference in our newborn sessions. You can read about it here, but its relaxed, the perfect temperature, comfortable and makes the newborn sessions go so smoothly…we have been having the shortest newborn sessions ever recently. This is good for everyone involved.
  • We are a team. There are two of us! this makes things go super easy…there is always someone with eyes on the baby, always an extra pair of hands for poopy accidents etc…
    Our Heirloom Products. All our baby plan clients receive an Heirloom product at each of their milestone sessions. These are beautiful products.
  • The experience. We feel that we offer a whole experience for all our clients, but especially for our newborns…from our welcome packets to the gifts that we give…to the beautiful products we offer to our amazing images, the whole thing is an experience, yes you may pay a bit more, but it’s worth it! (at least that is what our clients tell us)  From our first welcome packet that you receive to the sweet touches along the way..we really feel like you will have a photography experience like nothing you have had before.

This little guy was in the studio a few months back and we are just getting around to blogging his sweet session.  I adore everything about his session from his squishy cheeks to his beautiful mom to his smiles and the way he was able to be posed.  He rocked it!



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