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Happy dreary Monday!  Well at least here it is…cold, wet and rainy and even calling for snow!  But I’ve been in the studio preparing for all the sweet new baby’s coming soon!  I thought it would be helpful if I shared a bit of a behind-the- scenes as to what happens in a newborn session.  I feel that so many times, new parents are a bit nervous about this session…they wonder “will my baby sleep”  – “what if they poop all over their stuff” – “what if my baby is the only baby that cry’s the whole time?”  or “I feel so ugly and sleep deprived, maybe we should just do the baby”  But I want to take a moment and put all those thoughts to ease!  So here’s how a newborn session goes!

  • Amy (my assistant) and I arrive about an hour before your session to make sure that everything is prepared.  We spend that time gathering baskets, containers, blankets as we prepare for your session.  We take a few moments and plan out how the session will flow.  Baskets, Containers, Beanbag and then parent shots etc.  We then turn up the heat and make sure that the nursery is all set for you!
  • When you arrive, we introduce everyone and find out how your night was. Most of the time it was a bit rough…it’s just that time of a newborns life!  We show you the sitting area and the nursery and have you make yourself at home.
  • At this time Amy and I wash our hands as you get your baby down to their diaper and swaddle the baby and then if you need to feed them.
  • Once they are fed, I’ll take the baby and move to our shooting area which you and your family can see from our comfy chairs and couch!  (we want you to be so comfortable and yes, many a new daddy has taken a nap or two 😉
  • I will usually swaddle the baby at this time in a wrap to start off.  Amy and I work together to pose and make sure that your baby is happy and asleep.  I take the pictures and she poses and is with the baby.
  • We use studio lights so the ambient light is low and our studio lights do strobe/flash
  • If the baby is a bit fussy, we’ll use all our tricks (we are known as the baby whisper) and we promise we will get the baby asleep!  We may need to burp, to snuggle, to rock or use a paci, but we will work our magic and have no issues!
  • We typically do baskets and containers first..we do about 3 different ones and several poses/hats for each.  If you have specific colors for a nursery or home that you would like to use, this is typically the place we use them.  We try to keep everything very natural and organic.  We don’t do a lot of “kitchy or overly propped” shots.  Our focus is always on the newborn baby and capturing all things newborn.
  • Baby might poop or pee at this time!  We are prepared.  We will clean baby up (sometimes having to change blankets) and keep going!  This is natural and happens all the time
  • Amy will check on you both making sure you don’t need a drink or snack (which we always have plenty of) and we chat getting to know more about your birth experience and your family.
  • We then move to beanbag shots…if baby seems a bit restless, we may ask you to feed again, I can usually tell if baby needs a feeding or just some cuddles.
  • We pose through the beanbags, changing hats, headbands, and poses.  Baby is warm and toasty and usually transitions really well in these shots.
  • Once we are close to finishing, we’ll let you know, so that you can get ready for your family shots.  Typically our parents will bring the clothes to change into.
  • If we feel baby needs another feeding, we’ll ask you do that at this time, if they fed earlier, then usually they are fine, but if not, then they probably do need to.
  • We will do the daddy pictures first (keeping the baby away from mom until the end..I’ll explain why in a minute) then we’ll do daddy/mommy shots and then mom!
  • Don’t be alarmed if the baby pees or poops at this time again…it happens all the time!
  • Once we are through, you can feed your baby before your ride home (some of our clients have a long drive) and we will try to set a time for your viewing/ordering session typically about 10 days from your session date.

There you have it…all the step by steps of our newborn sessions.  Of course, every one is unique as the babies are unique, but we can not wait to work with your family and capture your sweet newborn through beautiful fine art photography.

We had the pleasure of working with sweet Foster a few weeks ago.  Foster is one blessed baby boy!  His grandparents set up the session (we think the best gift ever) and let us know exactly when he was to arrive.  We were able to get him into the studio at around 10 days and he was the sweetest little champ!  We loved every minute of his session and enjoyed sharing him with his family for just a few hours.  Just look at these beautiful images…and look at that smile in mom’s arms!  You’ll know which one I”m talking about when you see it!  PRICELESS!  Thank you McPherson family for sharing your baby boy with us!  He’s precious!

If you are a photographer and would like to join us for our newborn workshop…we’d love to have you!  Information can be found here!

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