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When I first started my photography business and photographing newborns I thought I could figure it all out on my own…you know things like posing, swaddling, how to calm a fussy baby and so much more.  I thought it won’t matter if the babies eyes are wide open, mom will love them.  I looked at so many newborn photographers and their beautiful images and felt that since I was a mom, I could easily do those poses…simple poses like baby on belly with bum in the air, or mom holding baby near her face.  Little did I realize that mine never looked like the ones that I saw.  Something was missing.

Here are some of the differences I realized between me (the just starting out newborn photographer) and the experienced and trained newborn photographer.

ME:  posing was just what I was able to get, I would grab shots because I was afraid I wouldn’t have the next shot
TRAINED PHOTOG:  Their posing all had a purpose, every detail was covered

ME: my wraps and swaddles looked all lumpy, nothing smooth,
TRAINED PHOTOG: their wraps and bundles were always a little ball, all the parts of the baby tucked in, everything smooth

ME: the baby was always in awkward poses,
TRAINED PHOTOG:  feet always tucked in, squished in so that there were no spaces, no wraps covering faces, baby always looked natural

ME: composites looked like they were photoshopped not natural.
TRAINED PHOTOGS: could never tell it was a composite, cloning was smooth, can never tell it wasn’t a natural shot

ME: when I posed babies in baskets or containers, the baby would slouch down and get lost.  The basket always overshadowed the baby
TRAINED PHOTOG:  baby is always supported and face and arms lifted so you can see

ME: would work alone, thinking I could do it all.  Would pose baby in positions that were not safe or natural for baby
TRAINED PHOTOG: always used an assistant, and knows exactly what to do for the baby that keeps them safe

ME: relied on editing and photoshop to “save” a picture
TRAINED PHOTOG: knows how to get a nearly perfect shot straight out of camera and post-processing is a breeze

ME: said I was organic but didn’t really know what that meant.  My newborns always looked amertureish
TRAINED PHOTOG: their images always looked natural, nothing forced, babies were never in poses that didn’t look natural or with props that were not purposeful!

ME: style was all over the place, nothing consistent, no consistency
TRAINED PHOTOG: developed style, clients can count on every image being consistent and beautiful and like what they see in the portfolio…can always tell that specific photographers images as style is developed and unique.

So why do I share all that, because it’s important to realize that we all start somewhere…we all have aspirations of being better and improving, but we can’t do it alone!  I didn’t learn everything that took me from the photographer mentioned above “ME” to where I am now (and I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN)  on my own.  It took workshops, education, investment in mentoring and so much more to learn those skills.  I know that there is so much information readily available for everyone on YouTube, on Creative Live, on Facebook etc…but nothing…please hear me, nothing will take away hands on, one on one education.

An experience where you can:

  • ask unlimited questions
  • learn from seeing and doing
  • creating a client experience and online community that will serve your brand
  • studio and natural light help
  • gather all the tips and tricks (the ones that are NOT shared online)
  • problem solve
  • learn about workflow, pricing, marketing and so much more
  • how to build a successful brand that will bring you a profit, and is not just a hobby

What are you waiting for?  Our Bellies and Baby Workshop (only 1 spot left) is perfect for you!  We promise (money back guarantee) that this will take your business to the next level!


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