Tips for Photographing Twin Newborns: Newborn Photographer Burlington NC

Twins are always so much fun to work with…sometimes a challenge, but always fun as we don’t get a lot of them.  Some ask, “how do you work with twin newborns?” and I thought I would address it as I am sharing these sweet girls images.

Now you want to make sure you follow all the normal newborn tips

  • make sure you photograph early enough (4-10 days)
  • make sure they are well fed and warm
  • keep the environment calm
  • there are more tips here

But for twins there are a few extra tips that will help to make your session go smoothly!

  • Have an extra set of hands:  I almost always have an assistant help me when it comes to newborn sessions.  But with twins…it’s a must!  You need it for safety purposes but also for help with soothing and posing!
  • Utilize Props:  Twins are perfect for baskets and crates, they love to be nuzzled next to each other and in a basket is a perfect way to do that
  • Create Connection:  Twins love to be near each other and as with any photograph that has more than one individual, you want to create connection.  This will be a challenge as you will start to pose one and then as the other gets close, one wakes up…but create that connection with them.
  • Swaddle: Use your wrapping and swaddling methods, they love to be swaddled up and this will make it a bit easier for you.
  • Prepare:  Since you have more babies, you will likely have more accidents, need more blankets, more props…just prepare for that.  You should have seen my studio after these babes 🙂
  • Find out the temperament of the babies from mom:  Usually you will have one baby who more chilled than the other, you want to pose that baby first and use as the “anchor” then you will pose the other baby around them.
  • Remember your composition: It’s easy with one to view the composition, but it gets harder with two.  Just keep in mind those things like rule of thirds, negative space etc.
  • Plan:  I have list in mind of the “shots” you want to get, and a plan as to how your session will go.  You might have to flexible (in the session below, I did as I was trying to get in their other children” but having a plan will help you tremendously.
  • Have fun:  It’s so important to not stress, but enjoy every moment of getting to work with two precious newborns at one time!

These sweet baby girls came into the studio all bundled and so tiny.  They did so well, barely stirring as we worked to pose them.  They are so loved as Grandmom was there to help and they have two big brothers that will love on them as they grow up.  I can not wait to capture them as they grow…so much fun!

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