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Today I am thankful, thankful for life, thankful for time with family, thankful for clarity and direction, thankful for a “community” and so much more.  This past week has been one of digging deep, in all aspects of my life.  My walk with God, my business, my family and my friends.  I’ve been really looking for more definition to my “purpose”   I’ve been feeling for so long now that I need more, I need to feel and be more purposeful with all areas of my life.  I have felt that I’ve been walking through the motions and just “being”.   I have realized that my creative heart is longing for passion and purpose in the things I do every day!  I have watched as dear friends struggle with so many things in their lives and I feel so helpless.  I look at my business and there are days when I wonder “what lasting impression does what I do have?”   I mean, I’m not saving souls, I’m not putting people back together, I’m not helping the poor and needy…what is my purpose?  I’m still wrestling with that, and I think I will for a while, but this past week, our pastor talked about LOVE…and I came to understand in an even more powerful way, that my #1 purpose in life is to LOVE.

Love is the one way that our light shines brighter than those around us.  It’s the way that those who are lost can be directed to God.  We had this discussion on Sunday about the different types of love and how easy it is to love others when they love you back.  My son Micah and I were sharing about when we get something in return, it’s easy…but when we love those who are unlovable, or hurting, or even yet, hurt us, that’s when we can really show God’s love and mercy.  I’m realizing that if I set out to love with a passion, then my purpose will be defined.  

So I’m challenged to find new ways of loving, to create a purpose in my life through love!  It’s pretty simple Love God…Love Others!

I feel so behind on my posting, the good part of that is that I have a ton of great sessions to share, the bad part is that I know my sweet clients are looking forward to seeing their session featured!  This session has been in the works since this little guy was a newborn.  We did his newborn session and mom had been sharing with me about doing a session with his big sister, who has never been able to have pictures taken.   I was honored that they have chosen our studio to work with them this year!  Hopefully, this will be the first of many combined sessions with the two of them, and big brother …what a ham!

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