Monday Musings and a Beautiful Family: Burlington NC Photographer

Well hey there!!!!  It’s Monday…in the 2nd week of October…how did we get here?  I’m just amazed how fast time is flying by!

I had a few sessions rained out on Saturday, but yesterday was beautiful…just perfect and we crammed in 4 sessions!

  • This week we head up to NoVa for some fabulous teaming up with my dear friend Jamie of Jamie D’Agostino Make-Up artistry!  She’s amazing!
  • Fall sessions are well under way..I really need to just say that we are booked for the remainder of the year, but I always hate doing that!  So the bottom line is, that if you want family pictures, please email us or call the studio so we can try to get you on the schedule.
  • The most fabulous santa sessions only have 2 spots left!  Details here

Have you ever been in a season where you know that you need to go through it…you know that on the other side is something BIG…you can just feel it in your bones.  The process and the duration in the season before is so hard, because you know that something good is coming, but the immediate is just not fun!  That’s where we’ve been the past few months.  We are so blessed to be able to:

  • support our family through something that we LOVE
  • have found success (I use this term loosely) in what we LOVE
  • work with amazing clients whom we LOVE
  • and create art that we LOVE

But this season has kicked our preverbal behind.  Though we love what we are doing, it’s been a struggle.  I know that this is just a season…I know that I know this as it’s part of business, but I just sometimes wish that it would hurry up and we could move on.   I personally am trying so hard to learn and grow so that I don’t have to circle this mountain again!

So when you are in those seasons as business owner what helps get me through?

  • Remember it is a season, meaning it will pass.  I promise, business are about up and downs…it just happens
  • you are not alone:  All business…yes ALL go through seasons.
  • You will make it:  It may feel as though you won’t, but you will!  You will be victorious and learn so much from going through it
  • lean on your community: there are so many people around you that are in the same boat and while you don’t want to have a pity party, it is so helpful to rely on those around you for encouragement!

So Be encouraged …wherever you are…be encouraged!

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with this beautiful family at Holden Beach!  I have gotten so many comments about their colors and some of the images that I have already shared that I thought I would share them all.   Thank you so much Snyder family for giving me the opportunity to work with you!

For more information about our beach sessions (which we have already begun booking for 2016…can’t believe it) here’s a great link!

2015-10-12_0014holden beach family pictures2015-10-12_00342015-10-12_00332015-10-12_00322015-10-12_0031holden beach family pictures2015-10-12_00292015-10-12_00282015-10-12_00272015-10-12_0026holden beach photographerholden beach family picturesholden beach family pictures2015-10-12_00222015-10-12_0021holden beach photographer2015-10-12_00192015-10-12_00182015-10-12_00172015-10-12_00162015-10-12_0015holden beach photographer2015-10-12_0012holden beach photographer2015-10-12_0010holden beach photographer2015-10-12_00082015-10-12_00072015-10-12_00062015-10-12_00052015-10-12_00042015-10-12_00022015-10-12_0001holden beach photographer




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