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WoW  what a busy few days (or weeks)  My head is truly spinning with all that has taken place and all that is coming down the pike!  I’m trying so hard in the midst of it all to find some balance.  Balance for me (exercise, sleep….which I never seem to get, fun etc) balance for my family, time with them, quality time, and of course balance at work.  I find so often during these crazy seasons…that I tend to get things out of wack..and then it make me and those around me miserable.  So this year, I’m working really hard to find a good balance for all of us.  It’s a crazy life with out of town sessions, my husband in graduate school full time, my kids with various commitments and of course a very busy business…all of those are great things, but it really takes some balance.  Im breathing a sigh as I see an end in sight for all the traveling and the back log of sessions to edit.

What do I do to help with balance? Three main things

  • Keep to a schedule, my schedule is so vital to balance.  If I son’t stay on schedule, things definitely get out of kilter and I pay a price.  So as crazy as it is, I schedule time for me at the coffee shop, I schedule time to just sit and watch the olympics with out a computer in my lap, I schedule time to return phone calls and emails and and I schedule time to do things with my family.  I have always lived a pretty scheduled life, but it’s much more dictated now with the growth of my business.
  • Work hard play hard!  I work really really hard and long hours, and that is what is needed for me and Sara-Anne Photography, but I also play hard when I do.  Yesterday, Micah and I went jet skiing…I didn’t think twice about the fact that I have a bazillion things to do…I dedicated the morning for just he and I to hang out and do something fun!
  • Outsourcing:  I’m learning (it’s a process) there are a few things that only I can do…but there are so many things that I can delegate to my team, to other business professionals, to my family etc.  I am finding this is key to not only maintaining the health of my business but also for balance.  I just can’t do it all!

So as I head from one busy season to another, I realize how important balance is for me and my family!  The struggle is real, but I’m working and striving all the time!

These sweet sisters participated in our teen shoot and are simply beautiful…so photogenic…so fun…so much great interaction…and just simply perfect images to show for it! Here are a few to share!

chapel hill photographer2016-08-20_00112016-08-20_00102016-08-20_00092016-08-20_00082016-08-20_00072016-08-20_00062016-08-20_00052016-08-20_00042016-08-20_00032016-08-20_0002chapel hill photographer

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