The Three People You Must Have in Your Life if You are in Business! Greensboro Family Photographer

I truly believe that even if you own your own business, you can not do it ALONE!   When I started Sara-Anne Photography, (11 years ago) little did I know how important it would be to have certain people in my life (or certain types of people).  Now, looking back on it, I see how certain people were placed in my life to help me grow, to challenge me, to humble me and to cheer me on!  We were created to have partners in this life…on many different levels and I believe that it truly applies to business!  When I sum up those people who have had the biggest influence on me and my little business of Sara-Anne Photography, they typically fall into 3 categories.

  1.  Expert:.  Someone who has been through the ropes, runs a sustainable business, has been through the ups and downs, weathered the shifting tide etc.  Do you get where I’m getting to?  You need someone who you trust, but who will give it to you straight!  Someone who can say, “yes, sometimes business sucks and sucks the life out of you”  or ” From my experience, I would never invest my resources that way” or ” you ought to look at things from this point of view”   Having that person who can mentor you, who can guide you, who can tell you when you are going down the wrong path or that a door has opened and you better walk through it!  You need someone like this in your life.  And let me be honest, this needs not to be a friend, but someone who you may have to hire to be this for you.   This is probably not a person who you will vacation with, but someone who you will pay to have 30 minutes of their time as it’s like gold!   Find someone like this!  Trust me… It’s invaluable!
  2. An Encourager:  We all need someone who will always have your back.  Who no matter how horrible things get, will be the one who believes in you.  Who believes in your dream more than you believe in it.  Who is chasing the stars and the moon right along with you?  Just this morning, I logged onto Facebook, and one of the most positive encouraging women I know wrote “You’re A Rockstar”  So do you know that at that point this morning, I was feeling anything but Rockstarish…I was actually pretty down and frustrated, but then I saw that comment and it just gave me hope.   To know that no matter what…this person thinks I hung the moon!
  3. Fellow Journeyman.  Who understands when you say “I am so overwhelmed because I feel like I have to do everything” or ” I haven’t booked any clients in weeks” or “I wonder if I should just close up shop and get a day job”  having someone who totally “gets it” is so important.  I didn’t realize that when I was first starting out, but I do now more than ever!  Today, I spent a good portion of my day talking with such people.  I started my day in a funk, but after those chats, I was energized, felt supported, felt less alone, realized that I’m not the only one who has moments of “funkyness” and that this too will pass.  Those relationships are becoming more and more important to me and the life of Sara-Anne Photography.

If you surround yourself with people who will not only encourage you in your business ventures but who will also be honest with you, you will find yourself so much more equipped for all this crazy life of entrapenureship has for you.   Finding people who are more knowledgeable than you and not being afraid to ask questions and really listening to the answers and someone who you know matter what LOVEs and ADORES you.  My guess is that you have these people right now, you just don’t know it!  I have found it helps so much to identify them…your business will thank you!

I am so lucky to be able to capture this gorgeous family again!  Not only are the just beautiful, but Debra has also become near and dear to my heart!  See, she’s on of the “Team” What team? At the beginning of this year, a group of women felt led to join a Bible Study…little did we know how truly special it would become!  Well, Debra is one of that group and every Thursday morning, I look forward to her walking through my studio door and even more so, sharing and growing with her! I adore her family.

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