6 Ways We are Different when it comes to Newborns: Chapel Hill Photographer

We are beginning an education series here on the blog…things like why do you do in-person ordering sessions or why are digital images such an investment?  We are kicking it off with newborn photography.

In a day when there are so many photographer, in fact, the other day, someone mentioned that there were over 75 photographers in our county alone and a lot of those photograph newborns.  We know that this is such an important decision for you as you choose someone who will capture your family’s memories and moments.  We know that it can often be confusing and we also realize that there is such a huge difference in investment.    So why choose Sara-Anne Photography for your Newborn photography?  We think there are several reasons why we are different (doesn’t mean better) but different and therefore may be the best choice for you!

Our Experience:  Though there are many other photographers, some even seasoned, we have over 8 years of experience and that speaks volumes to our work and approach to newborns.  There really isn’t anything that we haven’t seen.  Our experience means that we are able to capture newborns in many poses and also confident when a newborn is a little on the fussy side.  We don’t get stressed over siblings that aren’t too thrilled with their new baby sister or a newborn who poops all the time.  It’s all part of what we do and we LOVE it!

Our Style:  Our style stands alone.  We had someone recently say “I knew that was a Sara-Anne Photography image before I even saw who took it”  That speaks volumes about us.  Our style is natural, organic and we think magical.  You will never see us use props that are not natural to the shot (no fake flowers or greenery) we love baskets and containers but we try to use all natural fibers (cottons and wools).   We know the type of images we want to present our clients with and so we are patient to make sure that we capture just that.  Occasionally we have a request for a certain prop or something special and we always make sure to accomodate those too.

Fine Art:  We are considered fine art photography studio. Meaning that we get all excited and our goal is for our clients to put their images on their walls.  We are not a digital only photographer.  While we do offer digital images (as most of our clients desire them for archival and sharing purposes), we artist.  We have years of education in an art and design background and we long for our clients to see their beautiful images as art…for family to cherish for generations.  If you are a family that only want digital images, then we probably are not the photographer for you.

Our Team:  We have several team members that help us to pull off every session.  From sending your welcome box that will help you prepare for your session, to our newborn assistant that helps during the session to assure everything goes off without a hitch, our team is there just for you! We are a full service studio our we are ALL here to make sure that your newborn session is nothing short of AMAZING!

Studio:  There is no other photography studio like ours in all of the county . Yes, there are other studios, but Sara-Anne Photography is home to 2200 square feet of pure gorgeousness and most of it is geared for our newborn clients.  It’s awesome because everything is right at our fingertips and we can cater to both our newborn and parents needs.  The studio includes:

  • The fully stocked nursery that is a great place for you to change and diaper your baby as needed
  • Beverage and snack station that is available with water, coffee and tea and juice boxes for our siblings
  • Props…that is the one thing that most of our parents ooh and ahh over, the shelves that are just stocked full of props just for our babies
  • Comfy seating…we want our parents to be able to relax and be comfortable when they are watching us work with their baby…our studio has really comfortable couches and chairs for you to do that.

Products:  Our products are the highest quality that the industry offers.  From our beautiful wall canvases (our most popular seller) to our beautiful albums to the digital images…the quality of each product that leaves our studio is like none other.  We realize that its an investment, but one that we feel is invaluable.

The Expectant Mother: Our maternity pictures that are included in our Lullaby Club (baby plan) is an experience like nothing else.  If you are expecting, you must check it out…it’s a full service experience including full hair and make up, a light meal and choosing from our wardrobe.


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