5 Tips for an Amazing Newborn Session: Chapel Hill Newborn Photographer

I get asked all the time, “how do you get those babies to pose like that and stay asleep”  and I often say “ancient Chinese secret” but really there is no secret.  But today I wanted to share 5 tips to newborn photography.

  1.  Warmth:  Babies love it warm…warmer than you or I could imagine!  If I’m not sweating, then it’s not warm enough!  We use two space heaters, plus I crank up the heat in the studio and I use a heater to warm the blankets before we put baby on them!  It’s like magic!  You do need to watch and make sure it’s not too hot…Amy or I are always touching the baby and have our hands in front of the draft of the heaters so we know at all times that its perfect!  We are moving them all the time!  But keeping them warm is key!
  2. Confidence:  If at any point you get worried that you are not going to get the baby to sleep…you wont! Babies are super amazing at picking up on your signals…so try to be as confident as you can.  This will not only help mom relax, but it will baby will rest better.
  3. Start with Wraps First:  This way the baby can use the potty first and you will have them warm and snuggly and confined and you can transition into other posing.  I usually do wraps, then  beanbag, then containers then family shots.
  4. Have a plan for your session:  I always have in my head what I’m going to do and what props so the transitions go smoothly.  This way Im able to move through pretty quickly and get many different poses with different props and blankets.  If you are just wining it, it will not only show in your gallery, but it will take longer.  I know that I’m going to pose baby on tummy, then move to baby on both hands (a composite) and then I’ll do some close ups from above, then to pull aways etc.
  5. Have an assistant! I can not stress this enough!  I NEVER do a newborn session anymore without my trusty Amy!  I’m convinced that now she could do a (newborn session on her own) but having the extra set of hands is a must!

If you keep these tips in mind, I promise that it will help to ensure that your next newborn session will go smoothly.  And if you are a parent and you are looking for a newborn photographer, you should ask your potential photographer about these tips to see if they know about them.  😉

Meet Miss Grace…is she not just gorgeous as is her whole family.  I’ve loved capturing them for several years now and was just honored as can be to capture their newborn session.  As you can see we kept things pretty simple, letting sweet Grace be the star!  (oh and we can’t forget big sis)  Thank you so much Jamison family for once again giving me the privilege to capture this special time in your family’s life!  I adore you all!




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