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Happy Friday Friends!  Can you even believe that we are only a few days away from September?  What a blur not only 2020 has been but this summer!  Our household is a bit quieter as we are down one child…he is in Cullowhee NC attending Western Carolina University and loving every minute!  Hoping that he gets to stay and finish out his semester there!

Our daughter is also a freshman, but here at home and so its nice to have at least one of them, though lately, it’s mostly she and Chris at home as I’ve been at the beach nearly all summer and into the fall!

We’ve been doing a lot of senior pictures here at the beach and I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips and a little bit about how we approach them.

  1.  We don’t do ALL the pictures on the beach.  While the beach is gorgeous, we don’t feel it is enough for a whole session.  So we will first start off the beach and then end the session at the beach when the sun is setting.
  2. Know it will be windy!  Another reason that we don’t do all the pictures on the beach…it’s even windier, so if you have long hair, you might think of a way to pull it back, use a hat, clip etc if the wind gets out of hand
  3.  Don’t use lotion!  It will make all the sand stick to you!  Your legs a bit dry won’t matter in pictures, but with sand, up to your thighs, it might.
  4. Share with us your if you are a volleyball player or a football player, we can still incorporate those things, even though you may not be at home.
  5. Be comfortable changing in your car or in our little popup changing station.  These days most kids are used to going from school, to sports, to dance etc…so they are used to changing in the car, but if not,we have a pop up station for you!
  6. Communicate with us!  Let us know your thoughts about your style (urban, country, rustic, dressy, etc) we want these sessions to be all about YOU!
  7. Complimentary hair and makeup is provided if you want!  You have to let us know so we can set it up with the salon, but if you want it (and we think you should totally do it) then let us know, it’s our treat!
  8. Have a chauffeur:  We will bounce around town and all over the mainland for the first part of your session.  So make sure you have someone who can drive you!  I will find things and just pull over and you’ll pop out and we’ll do a few.  I tell my clients that I look at what you are wearing and I go from there!  It’s a “let the spirit move me” type of deal.  I do have a few favorites because of light, but I see things that you don’t so please TRUST ME!!
  9. Relax: This is supposed to be super fun!  The biggest compliment I can ever get is “you made this so easy and it was so much fun”. I want you to enjoy every minute!
  10. Behind the Scenes:  Be prepared for me to do some Insta posting while we are shooting!  It’s so helpful for my future clients to get a glimpse so that they know what to expect!

I hope those help as you prepare for your beach location senior pictures.  I know a lot of you travel from very far away and we are so honored!

We met this young lady earlier this summer and OMG, what a joy her session was!  We encouraged mom and dad to pop in a few just to document this year as a family!  What an amazing sport, up to everything I asked of her and not to mention she’s gorgeous!  Good luck this year Miss K, we can’t wait to see what the future holds as we stay in touch from afar!

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