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Happy Tuesday!  I know it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog…this summer has had us spinning all in a good way, but a lot of stuff going on.  We’ve had several weeks of straight beach sessions, with quick jaunts back to Burlington for a newborn here and there…we’ve been to many beaches including Holden, Emerald Isle, Ocean Isle, N. Myrtle, Oak Island and Wrightsville.  All beautiful locations that we have the opportunity to work with families vacationing and capturing memories! What an awesome job.  As much as it is fun and we love it, it’s still a job and we have to work.  I think sometimes, people think that we just galavant from one beach to another, but the truth is, we spend many late nights and early mornings editing and catching up on computer work before we head to the beach to shoot.

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There are a few things that help keep things moving smoothly while during all the travel and busy season.

  1.  A Great Team:  I’m so honored to have two amazing women helping me with all the behind the scene stuff.  Things like blog post writing, mailing all our beautiful items from the studio, meeting clients etc…all those things still have to keep happening and they do even though I’m on the road.
  2. Scheduling:  I schedule as many things as I can…including blog posts, social media posts and even emails.  These things help me as I write choose things to post.  I’m able to do them in the wee hours of the morning, but have them post when it’s most relevant for my viewers.
  3. Find time for down time:  This is a hard one…as when I’m traveling, my mind races with so many ideas and then it keeps me up when I should be resting.  I also find that when I’m not with family, its easy to work almost non stop, not a good thing.  But I have found that if I keep things balanced, and I take some time for me (even if it’s just a walk) then I’m more productive and less stressed when I get back home.
  4. Plan:  I have a plan for each week and how it goes and this helps so much.  I know what sessions I’m going to work on, what ones are scheduled to upload, who I need to call and those I need to meet with.  Having a plan keeps me on track and not get overwhelmed with all the tasks that I have to do.
  5. An amazing family:  I have the most supportive family…from my husband to my kiddos.  They all help manage the house hold and all the day to day things of running Castle Caudle while this mom is going non stop.  They always try to have things in order when I come home and it makes traveling so much easier.

So this sweet family is graduating from our Lullaby Club (baby plan) and we couldn’t be sadder.  We have had such a wonderful time photographing and capturing their sweet Lyla Kate this past year.  (we will do a wrap up of her entire first year later this week) but for now, I can’t wait to share their beach session with you.  It’s simply precious!


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