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I love photographing head shots!  Why? because usually it means that my client is rocking and rolling in their business and they value the importance of what an updated headshot can do!  Now of course there are fields where it’s even more crucial, but now a days when everything is done online and your online presence is so vital to a successful business, head shots are even more important.

I have several thoughts as to why you should keep your head shots updated.

1.  Its the first image your potential client has of you and your business.  Let’s say, your potential client does a google search and your linked in profile pops up…the image is going to be the first thing that they see…it’s going to say “they look professional, they look friendly I would like to know more”  So like it or not, we are visual  people and having a visual face to your business, it’s so important that the “face” is a good one!

2.  Current is important:  Keeping things current, really says a lot about your business….it says that you value your business enough to invest in it to keep the “face” current.  Keeping it current says that you want your potential clients to connect with you, that it’s important that they get to know you!

3. No matter how much you “brand” your brand is truly YOU! We all through around the word “branding” and how important it is to brand, and it is, but lets face it, the brand is about YOU and YOU are who your potential clients are hiring for a service.  So when I shoot head shots, its so important to me that I truly capture the personality of clients, I don’t want them to be cookie cutter, or just ordinary.  I want them to be special and to truly be a way for my clients to connect to their clients.

4.  Online presence is everything:  As I mentioned before, having a successful online presence is everything.  That means more than just having a website or Facebook page, it means engaging with your potential clients.  The best way for that is to develop relationships with them and by up dating your head shots, you can do that.  It helps personalize your product/brand.  It helps them get to know you.  It puts them at ease.

5.  The easiest way to give your web presence an update:  I know that I get bored often with my site…even though I have a brand and I love it, it feels dull after a while as I have seen it over and over…I long for something fresh and new.  Time for a new up dated headshot!  I gives it a face lift, brings a new feel…all because you changed your face!

6. Helps your client to feel connected:  One of the fastest ways to grow a business, is by building relationships with your clients…not just a “I’m here to sell you something” but true relationships!  You don’t want that to be one sided…you want your potential client to get to know you, it’s always good when they come to meeting and they already have a sense of who you are.  It makes them more comfortable and therefore helps to build that relationship.

7.  If you are part of a team, it’s important that your head shots are consistent.  This helps with congruity on your website, branding, business cards etc, but it also shows that you are a true team.  That everyone is not doing their own thing.  This conveys to your clients.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with this amazing woman several times (both for her family which you can see her amazing beach session here) and her head shots. Since the first time we photographed her, her business has grown tremendously and she now has a team.  So like a smart business woman, wanting to keep things current and consistent, she hired me to capture the team!  You will see from their shots, there personalities come right through.  Not only are they beautiful, but they are professional and are ready to share that with their clients!  If you are looking for dynamic realtor …you need to look no further!  Check out Kelly Wirt here!

Thank you so much Kelly for allowing me to work with you again!

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