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Happy Friday!   Its friday, and the end of a busy but very fun week….and this weekend our studio is pretty quiet as my dear sis is coming to town to help me clean out the garage (which I have to say looks like an episode of hoarders at the moment)  So we have our work cut out for us to say the least, but very excited about some organization happening at Castle Caudle!

One question people often ask when booking a family or newborn session is “can I bring my dog?”  The answer is always YES!  Not only am I a huge pet person (really dog) but I love photographing them.  There was one point when I truly thought about doing just pets…does that surprise you?  and I’ve always loved our pet portraits that we do from time to time, but more so, I love photographing a family and their fur babies!  This is why!

  1. Creating Lasting Memories!  It’s sad, but these special parts of our family’s are not with us for very long.  I actually was faced with that just last week when we nearly lost our beloved 4 year old Shih-tzu.  And I’ve had so many clients who have lost these furry family members and I often think, I so wish they had a family portrait with their pup!   Those that do, cherish them for years!
  2. True Moments:  I love that when a pet (usually a dog) is brought to a session, then all the stress of if the kids behave is gone.  The focus becomes on will the dog behave?  And I’m able to capture real moments.  I love it when that happens.  When I am able to shoot through the moment and capture something really special.  Such as this image below…I had staged it several times, but don’t you know, this is the one that I didn’t have to stage and to me, it’s simply perfection!  With pets, I get true smiles and giggles.  I get sweet looks and I get so much personality!

    chapel hill pet photographer

  3. Never a dull moment!  I love it when my sessions are fun and lively.  When there’s energy and all involved are focused on one thing.  That happens when pets are involved.  There’s a bit more energy all around and all of us (Mom, dad, kids and ME) are all focused on getting that perfect shot.  It’s energizing and motivating.
  4. Challenge!  I love the challenge of having a pet.  I know I can always get the shot when people are involved, but when you ad the crazyiness of a pet…then it’s extra challenging and one that this photographer LOVEs!

So if you are planning a family session, please feel free to let us know about your pets …we’d love to incorporate them and we promise it will be super fun!  Even with a chicken!




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