Ocean Isle Beach Photographer: Myths to owning your own business

It’s FRIDAY!!! and for most photographers that doesn’t mean anything as most of us work on the weekends (including me)  Someone asked me the other day what are the advantages of owning your own business and though its a tough job…there are some major advantages…but there are also myths!  Here are my top 5 myths of owning your own business!

  • You get to set your own schedule:  While in some ways that is true…the reality is, if I don’t work when my clients need me to…I don’t make money.  while yes I have a more flexible schedule, I do have to work when my clients need me to.  I don’t mind as it means I get to be more service oriented..but the myth that you can set your own schedule is really not true.  
  • You make a lot more $$ when you own your own business:  While there is potential to make a lot of $$ most small business owners don’t.  They do it because they are born to and can’t imagine doing anything else, but it’s not about the money.  The overhead for owning your own business is crazy…just the administrative costs, the marketing, the taxes, the equipment etc…it not for the money that I do what I do.
  • You have more time for family:  Well my family would definitely say this is a myth.  I always remind my kids that it’s a trade off.  So during the summer, I can go to the pool with them, and I can take them to the beach with me for beach sessions, but it means that I have to work in the evenings often and that there are times that I’m unavailable.  I feel I get more quality time with them…larger chunks then when I was working a day job, doing things that they enjoy…but the every day in and out is less.
  • It’s easier working for yourself rather than someone else:  I don’t think I could ever go back to working for someone else…but the stress level of being my own boss is not easier.  There are days when I don’t want to think about all that I have to do (my list is never ending and always a mile long) there are days that I don’t want the responsibility of all that owning Sara-Anne Photography means..and though I love it, it’s definitely not always easier!
  • It must be so easy to do what you do:  NOT!  being a photographer is hard, what makes it easy is that I LOVE it, but it’s work and most of my work is not behind my lens…it’s behind my computer and in front of peoples faces talking with them and networking!

I do feel that for me…Sara-Anne, there is absolutely nothing better for me to do and I’m exactly where I need to be…it’s hard work.  And I always stress to those who are thinking about opening a business to have all your ducks in a row…to think about all the hard days and nights…to make sure you have enough money saved to support and market yourself.  I love what I do, but this year has been the hardest year for me…mostly because personal and business collided in a major way.  But after the dust has settled a bit, and after I have had some time to really reflect on why I do what I do and if there is anything else I could do (which there isn’t)  I realized that I LOVE owning my own business!  It’s the hardest job ever…but I wouldn’t do anything else.

Enjoyed this beach session at Ocean Isle Beach…

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