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We’ve had such a influx of maternity and newborn sessions!  It’s been exciting ….all these new parents who have been visiting the studio and most of them are on our JOY (just one year) baby plan so I get to see them grow through out a year!  I love that!

Someone asked me a few days ago if after working with all these babies if I have tips that will help new moms…and I thought..”yep..I need to share those in a blog post” so here we go!  My top 10 tips for new moms!

1.  Oxy Clean!  Have lots of it!  It’s great (and I think the best) stain remover for poop and baby formula stains.  Mix some up in a squirt bottle with hot water and squirt on the stain…it works miracles.

2.  White noise app!  Yes, have it…it’s great for soothing new babies…there’s also a hair dryer, a washing machine…but just to a search on your phone or iPad for a white noise app and you will be thanking me!

3. socks!  So people ask me why I seem to be able to get my babies to sleep so well…one of the main reasons is that I keep them warm.  Keep socks on your babies feet even under sleepers…it will help to keep them warm and happy!

4.  The BEST diaper rash cream:  Mix zic oxide (I used destin) and malox together with some corn starch…make a paste and I promise you will see huge difference in your babies rash.  You can find out more here 

5.  Use a Pacifier:  I know there are lots of difference  opinions about this..but I had a pediatrician tell me “your child will not have an issue going to Kindergarten with their thumb…but will with a pacifier”  (I know there are exceptions) and I know that some babies love their thumb (I was one of them) but a pacifier is a HUGE help…especially if you do a lot of traveling and are in the car a lot.  Both my babies were nursed and used a paci..and weaned off of it by 9 months.

6.  Teething Beads:  Okay so this is a new one for me…but in the last 2 weeks I have had 3 clients swear by them.  Amber Beads from the Baltic Sea…they say their babies have NO teething issues since wearing them.  I wish I had them while my babies were younger.

7.  Organizing your diaper bag:  I had a mom come into the studio a few months ago and her diaper bag was so easy to find things in,even good diaper bags end up as a bottomless pit…I asked her where she got her organizer and she told me Ebay…so I looked it up….and found it here .  I’ve been telling everyone since 🙂

8.  Hair accessories!  I could go on and on as I have several vendors that I LOVE and ADORE but most only do newborn.  But I’m amazed at how many mom’s still don’t know about Etsy.com it’s the greatest source for accessories, prints, nursery decor etc.  If you are not already on it…be careful it can be very addicting!

9.  Cleaning toys:  I had a lady when I was pregnant at the Dr. office tell me that she cleaned all her infant and baby toys in the dishwasher…even the cloth ones..and then would let them air dry.  I started doing this too and it worked so well.  I would put my teething, car, plastic toys (not ones that were battery operated) but squeakers etc…and then run it on the hottest cycle with an organic dishwashing soap…always clean toys at no hassle!

10.  Saftey:  This comes from the photographer side of me…there are so many “newborn” photographers out there who are doing poses and things with babies that are NOT safe.  Don’t ever let someone do something with your baby that you are not comfortable with.  Posed positions with head in hands should never be done with out a composite (if your photographer doesn’t know what that is…don’t book them)  Safety should be the number one consideration when you are looking for a newborn photographer.

There you have it…my 10 tips!  I hope they provide some help for you!  I’d love to hear any of your tips…

Look at this sweet baby…I am absolutely in love with this image!  It’s just screams everything about my approach to newborn photography.  Simple, clean, classing and sweet!

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