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Happy Monday!  I know it’s hard to get going after the weekend and if you are like our family, we spent most of the weekend inside and resting.  (which for us is welcomed and very unusual) so its even harder to start our week.  I hope you are dry and safe wherever you are…it’s been very wet, but not as bad as they had called for!  Though my heart goes out to my favorite beach session spots…they have been underwater and even some are washed away.

My heart has been stirred a bit….I’ve been thinking so much about why I do what I do.  Why does it matter?  Why does my little business of Sara-Anne Photography matter when there are so many other photographers who can do the same thing?  There is a purpose behind what I do and it’s more than just making a living (which for us is important as I am currently the soul provider for our family as my husband finishes another masters) So I’m not negating that important fact, but why?  Why is it important to have memories preserved…why do I love it when I see what my art can do for families?

I recently found out that one of my precious clients lost her life.  It struck me so much not only because of the tremendous loss for her young family…for her sweet baby girl and husband…but also that while she was able to see her images and pick them out, her prints didn’t arrive until after she had passed.  Those beautiful images arrived to her husband after she was gone.  I found myself so sad about that…that she never got to enjoy them, but then I realized what a tremendous gift for her family.   You see, taking pictures and working with families is about more…it’s not just about a beautiful piece of art that you get to share with your family, but it’s about preserving memories. Precious memories.  I have one picture of she and her daughter…her precious girl will have that FOREVER!  What an honor I have.  What meaning in my job.  It’s about more….while yes not every family that I photograph has a story like that, they each do have a story…one that is important and one that at some point those pictures will matter!

There is NOT a price that you can place on that.

This precious family is living out the word FAITH to the extreme….I have watched as they have had to leave their “home” several times in their pursuit to gain citizenship here in the US.  Watched as they have left loved ones behind, dear friends and secure jobs to travel abroad to new places, new “homes” new jobs…all while trusting in God to provide and show the way.  They have been an example of “faith lived out” and I know that they have impacted so many lives here in Burlington NC but also all over the world with their faith and lives.  I was blessed to be able to capture them just days before they left for a new adventure…

Commons Family, I am so glad that we made these happen!  I love each and every one of them and I hope you do to.  Know that you are missed tremendously here in Alamance county…but that your story and faith inspires so many ….including this photographer!  Praying so many blessings for your family!

2015-10-05_0009Burlington NC Wedding PhotographerBurlington NC newborn PhotographerBurlington NC newborn Photographer2015-10-05_0006Burlington NC newborn PhotographerBurlington NC newborn PhotographerBurlington NC Wedding PhotographerBurlington NC Wedding PhotographerBurlington NC Wedding Photographer2015-10-05_0008

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