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To say this past week has been crazy would be a complete understatement!  We’ve had so many “things” happen…you know…just life things, but when you are averaging 6 sessions a week and most of those our out of town, you just don’t have time for “things”.

But I’m learning that I need to just roll with it.  I tend to worry that I’m not going to let someone down or that we will make a wrong choice, but you know what..stressing doesn’t do anyone any good.   This week I learned two valuable lessons.

1.  Being a mother and a small business owner are two different roads!  though they overlap sometimes, I wear two very different hats and I need to remember that.  My kids don’t want business, mom-pranure hat…they want mom hat.  They don’t want me to be thinking about business when I’m at the pool or making a Target run…they want mom!  They NEED mom!  Yes, being a small business owner definatley has taught them many things, but the most important thing and work I do is in the walls of my home!  I am learning that for my kids…quality is much more important than quantity!  We headed to dinner the other night and both my kiddos decided to make sure they left all electronics at home (this was their choice) it was wonderful!  They wanted quality time, they needed it, and I needed to be MOM not photographer!

2.  The more I can “not sweat the small stuff” the better we ALL are.  I really struggle with this, but I’m learning.  As a storm rolled in at the beach this past week and I had to postpone another beach session and we were down one car (not easy when I’m traveling) and a client order was all messed up …I was getting all worked up, I was stressing, and therefore NOT sleeping.  My daughter said “mom you need to be blessed not stressed” something she heard from her daddy…but I realized that the stress of all of that wasn’t doing anyone any good…it didn’t help one thing, in fact, it made things worse.  I was determined to see our situations for the blessings that they were (which they were).

I have so many client galleries to share…but I’ve been really anticipating this one…it was a beautiful wedding on Holden Beach…the weather was perfect, the bridal party so much fun, the bride amazingly beautiful and the love that these two celebrated was a joy to capture.

I met Liz in March to do her bridals…which I adore…how could you not, she’s just stunning!  And then their May wedding was just perfect!

Thank you Liz and David for allowing me to capture and be a part of your special day!  I wish you both many days of happiness and joy as you begin your lives together!


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