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The biggest compliment that someone can give me is “I knew when I saw your their pictures that it was yours” or “You can tell Sara-Anne’s pictures”  Why is that huge to me? because it means that I have a style, a “look” that is all mine!  Let’s face it, in a day when there are so many photographers, there is only so many things that you can do to help you stand apart…and one of them is style!

What is style?  It’s the look and feeling that your images give to the viewer.

Why is this important? because it’s the thumbprint that you put on your work.  In a industry where there are so many photographers, style is the one thing that you can call your own.  When you get on pinterest and see something that you thought you had come up with, actually shot several times in several different ways, the one thing that you can do to assure yourself is that your image, is your style.

For me, style is something that I always use to check my work upon itself.  Meaning that when I choose a location, when I edit an image, when I take a session, when I post an image,  I make sure it always fits my “style”

What are some components of style?

  • composition
  • editing style
  • moments captured
  • genrea
  • expressions
  • clothing/wardrobe options
  • backgrounds
  • use of light and lighting
  • vantage points
  • your voice “the way you present yourself to your clients” this means blogging, writing tone, posts etc.  Someone recently said you know, you use a lot of “…”  and at first, I thought I needed to change it, but then I thought, you know, I do, but it’s part of my style and it’s me!

all of these and more play such a part in our “style” but if you were to really study a photographer, you should be able to see consistency in these areas.  If you are trying to define your style, here are a few things you can do to help.

  1.  Have a friend or two or three, look at your work and list down words that come to mind!  If there are congruent words, then you are well on your way to having a style of your own.   If they are all over the place, then you probably need to work on developing your style
  2. Take a walk through your most recent work, take the list above and graph it.  Make a list and see if your images all match 3-5 of those things listed above.
  3. Style is not usually something that your force, or if you do, then it probably will always be changing.  Your style is something that is part of your artistic eye.  Yes we develop it and hoan in on it, but it’s not something that you sit down and say, I’m going to photograph like ___________.  So when developing your style, think about what you love, and what images in your portfolio that make you sing.
  4. Make a conscious effort to shoot in your “style”  This may mean, that you have to take charge of a session or wedding, this may mean that you don’t take a session, this may mean that you go to a location that may not be what your client recommends.  The bottom line is that they chose you …and part of the reason is because of your style, so make sure you deliver that, whatever the cost.

A peek in my world:  When I have a session these things all run in my mind, and I think they all help me as I create art that is my stye.

When I choose a location, I always vision it all the way through to when I share it with the clients.  Does it provide the right lighting, does it have the textures and colors that fit me?  Can I see a family there, interacting the way I need them to?

When working with a client on wardrobe, I make sure I share with them my thoughts that I feel will help ad to the style of the images.  That usually means, no matchy matchy, it means colors and textures and layers.

I have a vision, when I am behind the lens, that I try to pull off that goes in touch with my style.  It’s the way I shoot, its my interaction with my clients, its the way I pose and it’s the composition.  I have a mental list that I go through.

When editing, I use the same process through them all!

This sweet 6 month old’s session is one of my all time favorites!  I could literally fill my studio with her images.  Why? because they all just perfectly fit me!  Not only is she the most adorable baby, with the most beautiful eyes, but our session and time together was just perfection, and that shows through in every image!

farm session 6 month old2016-04-13_0002adorable 6 month pictures2016-04-13_0004

Om my Gosh…is this not the most adorable?  Just look at their LOVE for each other!

2016-04-13_0005baby carriage session2016-04-13_00076 month session2016-04-13_00096 month portrait session2016-04-13_00112016-04-13_00122016-04-13_0013adorable 6 month sessionbaby carriage2016-04-13_0016


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