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I met Suzanne through a mutual friend and I immediately fell in love with her love for life, her style and her recipes!  Over the past months, I have had the opportunity to photograph Suzanne for her blog A Crazy Blonde Life (which you should definitely ad to your list of daily reading)  I’m always amazed at the local talent and people that surround me in my small community of Burlington, and I’m daily thankful that God chose to place Sara-Anne Photography here.  I have loved getting to know Suzanne and I hope you will too!

IF someone was on a budget, what are three staples that you would tell them to purchase and how could they use it?  Three pieces is really hard, especially not knowing someone’s lifestyle…stay at home mom, career girl, or someone who works from home – but still has occasional meetings to go to.  I can say that I’m not the world’s most practical person but I  would say for Spring/Summer – white cropped jeans, dark skinny jeans, a white blouse and a black dress that can be worn for all seasons (I know that’s four).  For fall/winter, I would say an ivory or camel cardigan and black skinny jeans!  Buying more doesn’t mean that you’re creating a better wardrobe.  Make sure that you are buying quality that will last through washing and wearing.  It is better to buy quality over quantity and avoid trends if you have a limited budget.   I am not including shoes and special occasion clothing or workout clothes in my three.  If you’re working with a limited budget, it is best to decide what your style is and stick with it!  Simple is usually best!  You can always follow trends by adding an inexpensive piece of jewelry or a fun shoe!

What is your “daily routine” Lately, I’ve been keeping my grandson Hudson and my “daily routine” isn’t so routine anymore!  I will say that the first thing I do in the morning before I get out of bed is to be grateful for the new day and try to set intentions for how I want my day to go!  The days that I rush to get up and don’t do that are definitely not the best days!  After I get up which is usually around 6 am, I have a really large glass of water, then have coffee and THEN check my email and work on my blog.  My goal is to get the new post out before 8 am.  Some days that doesn’t happen, but I try not to be too hard on myself.  I would rather put out something that I’m proud of than to rush just to get it out!  Hudson usually leaves around 12:30 and while he is with me, we make the bed, usually do a little laundry, maybe cook something, have a bottle and some baby food – hopefully a nap, but nothing is carved in stone.  I always shower and put on my makeup before Hudson comes.  After that we just see how the day unfolds.  After he leaves, I have appointments, grocery shop and catch up on whatever needs to be done at home (bill paying, cleaning etc.).  Some days, I have photographs taken for my blog, or have lunch with friends.  A good day for me is a blog post I can be proud of and some yoga!  My husband travels and is gone a lot, so I usually have evenings to do yoga or catch up on a book that I’m reading.  When he is home, I enjoy cooking, so I usually make a nice dinner.  I teach yoga every Wednesday at 5:30 and sub when someone at the yoga studio needs me.  I am always trying to come up with ideas for my blog!

Where are some of your favorite places to shop and why?  I love to shop at Rebecca & Co. in Greensboro!  They know me and my style and always have suggestions that work for me!  I also shop a lot online!  There are some things that are just easier to order.  If I get the chance to go to New York, I love to go to SoHo and shop in the boutiques!  I have certain brands that I like.  My favorites are Rag and Bone, Rebecca Taylor, Vince, and Joe’s jeans.  I also really love Jimmy Choo shoes because they fit me well and are comfortable, but I can’t buy them very often!

When styling, what are some of the elements that you are looking for from you clothing choice?  I like to feel like I look beautiful in what I’m wearing, and I like to be comfortable.  I’ve learned over the years what looks good on me and what doesn’t and I guess I’ve developed a bit of a style.  Usually skinny jeans and a shirt with a jacket.  I like (ok Love) booties and wear them unless it’s really hot and then I wear wedges.  I am not tall, so I like a heel.

Who is your inspiration?  I love Olivia Palermo and Poppy Delevigne and I also follow several blogs that inspire me including Viva Luxury and North of Manhattan

What would you describe as your “style”  All dressed up and no place to go!  Just kidding.  Usually I’m in jeans and some sort of heels.  In the summer I wear more dresses and sandals, but usually with a heel.  So I guess my description would be casual that could go anywhere for the most part.  I like to put jeans with a really dressy top and heels for dinner!

As a mom, what are three tips that you would give new moms?  Get up, take a shower, put on your makeup!  Make time for yourself and treat yourself with respect.  Savor every moment of the sweetness of your children so that when they are older you have fewer regrets.  Sometimes though the best thing you can do for your children is to take good care of yourself.  Be a good example and follow your inner guide!  It will never let you down!  (Sorry, I have a hard time with that three thing!)

What is your favorite style tip?  Wear what makes you feel beautiful!

I recently photographed Suzanne and her girls and can I just say, there is so much beauty that was in front of my lens.  Each one different in her own style (which is what Suzanne blogged about here) I also have worked with Suzanne as she opened her home for entertainment and to share some of her delicious recipes…so I thought it was about time that I share her with my readers.  Her blog will entertain and educate you and you will find yourself coming back day after day to see what she’s up to.

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