4 Things To Do to Boost Your Creativity: Chapel Hill Newborn Photographer

It’s no secret that creative people often feel those creative juices leave!  It’s hard as someone who’s livelihood is made on creativity…talk about pressure.  There are times that I know I feel I get in a rut or that I lack the creativity that I am use to.  These times usually come when:

  • I’m stressed (and getting little sleep)
  • When I continue to shoot the same type of session
  • When I’ve had some negative feedback
  • When I have “other” things going on (family, schedule etc)
  • When I’m rushed!

But we have to dig deep and pull ourselves out of those times, our businesses depend on it!  So here are a few things that you can do (that I do) to help me.

Create for fun:  When I am feeling like the creativity is just not there and it’s bothering me, sometimes forcing it makes it worse, so I’m struggling, I create for just me!  Sometimes, this means picking up my camera and shooting something fun, an idea that I’ve had for months, but then often times, its doing something not photography related.  I find a project that will just be for me and make me happy.  Recently, it meant picking up my watercolors and painting.  But do something fun that will help you dig down and find that creativity in another place.

Journal:  I use to journal all the time, like every night!  but lets face it, when kids come into the picture, that just didn’t happen.  But there are times when I’m struggling that I need to just write down my thoughts.  My feeling behind this, is that there is so much stuff occupying my mind that the creativity get’s squashed.  So by freely writing, I am able to clear my thoughts.  Usually in the midst of the writing, I find something in there that triggers some creativity.  There are a few techniques that I do for jounaling

  • doodling
  • page maps (coming up with one word) and writing words around it that link back and so on and so forth
  • letters:  I often write a letter to my kids or to a “client” this helps to get the deep thoughts that consume me at times out on paper.
  • top 10 (I come up with 5 or 6 headings) and quickly write down my top 10 thoughts about that.  For instance, lat time I use the headers:  House, Travel, Chris, Micah, Makaley (the last three were my family), by doing this, it helps to free my mind and to really put down the thoughts that are consuming me.  Some of the things I can address easily.  I’m also able to see the things that bring me joy too.

a peek into what came of one of those:  House

Clean garage
order new pictures
love my new couch
need to make our table a place to eat
get rid of clothes and shoes…way too many
organize Micha’s room
clean closet will provide room
need to simplify
would love new flooring in livingroom
love my new candles that are burning

Take a Break:  This is vital.  I find during my busy seasons and when I feel that the creativity is not there, that I just sometimes, need a mental break.  Time to just be away and do something not for business, not for anyone else, but for me!  There are a few times when I turn off all social media, when I pack the family up and we go away just for an over night…it does so much for me!  If you don’t have an overnight, just try a evening!  Make yourself NOT think about it!

Go for a drive:  This is my favorite as it usually always gets my thoughts going. Truthfully its why I don’t mind traveling so much for sessions, because I can think and process and dream and create!  But when I go for a drive, I try to go places that I’ve never been, I explore and I will see something that will give me an idea.  I jot down locations, I make note of lighting, I see textures and it all brings to mind something that I will vision for a client!

Just quickly there are a few things that I don’t do!

  • get on pinterest (for me, it’s just makes the situation worse)
  • obsess over the fact that I have a block (I just try to move on as much as I can)
  • stop creating, it’s actually when I create the most.  (usually not photography) but I’m creating

I’d love to hear any tips you have for getting those creative juices flowing again!

So I had the amazing opportunity to photograph this sweet little guy’s newborn pictures!  He is simply beautiful!  His skin tones, his full head of hair, his long lashes, and oh he slept like a champ!  Welcome Lucas to the world!  We are looking forward to capturing your first year!

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