Why You Should Invest in Yourself: Newborn Workshop North Carolina

12 years ago when I picked up a DSLR for the first time and knew that I wanted to begin a journey in photography I wish I had known a few things, the biggest was to educate myself not only in the area of photography but also in business.    I, like so many other photographers, am primarily self-taught, but I will say, the most valuable things I have done that had the greatest return on my investment was not to purchase the best camera on the market, was not to open up a fancy studio, but it was to take a few workshops and attend some great conferences.  Back then workshops were a fad…everyone was doing them and charging a huge amount.  I saved and saved to attend one in Arizona.  It was a huge financial investment, but one that would be a pivot point in my business.  Looking back, I can say there are still things that I do today (editing tips, business practices and even the way I shoot) because of that workshop.   If I were to calculate the return on investment that I spent on that workshop, though it was expensive, it would be less than $1 per sessions that I’ve had..probably even pennies!

I wanted to share a few reasons why I think continuing IN PERSON education is so valuable.

  • Most people are Kinetic learners, meaning that they not only need to read/see something, but they also need to hear!  Being in a environment where you both see and hear the tools you need will help tremendously.  Most workshops provide hands-on experience as well so that you can not only learn by seeing and hearing but also doing.  This is so valuable especially with newborns and children posing.
  • Being around other photographers is energizing, there is nothing like being in a room with other like-minded women, who are all striving for the same thing.  The fact that you each “get it” just sets a common ground and makes you feel like you are on the right track, that you are not alone, that you have others that will help you.  The friendships you build from workshops are often lifelong.
  • Having great portfolio material is on the of biggest benefits of attending a workshop in person. I know from my workshops, my attendees come away with multiple images that they can share and use as they build their own brand.  It’s huge!
  • Small intimate workshops provide the perfect atmosphere to get nearly one on one education.  Where you can ask all the questions that you have, that arise, that may be specific to your photography.
  • Gain valuable help with all aspects of your workflow, not just how to take beautiful pictures, but how to run a business so that it’s profitable and successful.

I hope that you will consider investing in your business, in yourself, in your brand.  I promise you, you will not regret it.  If you are an aspiring newborn photographer, I would love to have you join us for the Belly & Baby workshop!  There’s a payment plan so don’t let the cost stop you!  It will be an amazing experience for you and we are going to have so much fun!  Email the studio if you have any questions!

I have been waiting to share this dreamy snowy maternity session.  Snow always offers the most beautiful light, but this session was not only light-infused, but love infused as well.  It was a warm day after the snowfall, and perfect for this gorgeous momma to be’s maternity session.  She is one of three beautiful sisters who all are expecting or have had baby girls and guess what? I get the honor of photographing them all!  Oh, what fun!   This sweet little family awaits the arrival of their new baby girl!

Thank you to Kara Smith for her beautiful hair and makeup (which is always one of the best parts of these beautiful maternity sessions)

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