Title: Embracing Growth: The Power of Facing Fears and Doing the Hard Things

Here’s to doing the hard things and facing our fears head-on!

Often the fear of doing the hard things is so much greater than what we are fearing. READ

Friends, I’ve had something on my “to-do” list that has been plaguing me for months. It’s been something that I have dreaded, that has kept me up at night, that I’ve cried about, that I’ve been making up every excuse to not do it…it’s left me spiraling and paralyzed. I’ve had it at the top of my todo list for weeks (maybe even months) but I just haven’t been able to make that jump to tackle it. Why? FEAR!!!

Have you ever been there? Honestly, it was an unknown space for me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve always been someone who just jumps. I trust the parachute to open. Sometimes it is a smooth landing and sometimes is pretty bumpy but the point is that I’ve always jumped. Recently I haven’t even been able to get in the dang plane or climb the mountain. The root has been fear! I’m not sure where it all came from, but the fear of failure, the fear of “what people will say”. the fear of what people will think over took me. Friends, growth often lies on the other side of our comfort zones. Whether it’s pursuing a dream, having that tough conversation, or taking a leap into the unknown, today, I took that jump. Through tears, through a night of no sleep, I did it…and the reality?? The reality is that the outcome is much easier than what I had let my mind think it was.

We read the cute quotes “Darling, you were created to do HARD things”. Those are more than a cute saying on someones instagram feed. YOU were! I’ll say it again, growth happens on the other side of our comfort zone so embrace the challenge with courage and determination. Face your fears, and watch yourself become stronger, wiser, and more resilient. You’ve got this

In the pursuit of a fulfilling and meaningful life, it’s crucial to embrace the discomfort that comes with facing fears and doing the hard things. I’m totally speaking to the choir on this one. Each time you do that hard thing, the thing that has you stuck, it will help you grow and the next time won’t be as hard. After all, it’s in the face of adversity that our true strength and potential are revealed.

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