The Benefit of Small Steps

I’m slowly coming out of the hole I’ve been in, most of it has been health reasons but some of it is because I just can’t seem to get my crap together. Ive been telling myself it’s okay and those around me have told me okay but I’m also finding that small steps are good. Some seasons in life we make huge strides….like the first year of business, I set up a domain, I created a website, I started blogging, I portfolio built …all the things. Year 5 I moved into my studio, I entered a business contest and wrote a business plan, huge steps. But sometimes, slow and steady with baby steps gets us to the same place only with a bit more purpose. Here’s why I feel small steps are sometimes better!

  1. Manageability: Breaking down a larger goal into smaller, more manageable tasks makes the overall objective seem less overwhelming. It’s easier to focus on and complete smaller tasks, which helps to build confidence and momentum and that wonderful feeling of checking things off the to-do
  2. Motivation: Achieving small milestones provides a sense of accomplishment and often gives us momentum for the next task.
  3. Consistency: Small steps encourage consistency. Regular, small efforts over time are often more sustainable than sporadic large efforts. Consistency is key in developing habits and making lasting progress. Ive begun walking again, and instead of saying “I’m going to walk 3 miles every day, Ive just started small and told myself 3x a week…this helps with consistency which then gives me a sense of accomplishment rather than defeat.
  4. Reduced Procrastination: Smaller tasks are less intimidating, making it less likely for individuals to procrastinate. The idea of accomplishing a small task is less daunting, making it easier to get started. Can I get a BIG AMEN on this…this weekend, I wanted to organize my cabinets, but I knew I wouldn’t do them all in one I took the two that needed them the most (my Tupperware and spice) and that is what I tackled. AND I DID IT!
  5. Celebration of Achievements: Celebrating small victories along the way can boost morale and create a positive mindset. Recognizing progress, even if it’s incremental, helps maintain a positive attitude toward the overall goal. I’m keeping track of not only the things I need to do but also the tings I have done. Us over achievers who like to “do it all” often feel defeated and I need to not get bogged down in the weeds.

In essence, small steps provide a structured and sustainable approach to achieving larger goals, making the process more manageable, motivating, and adaptable.

Keep going friends, small steps lead to big places
xoxo Sara-Anne

This beautiful class of 2024 senior came to our studio in the late fall! I just adore her gorgeous hair and beautiful eyes that just sparkle. She’s a member of her dance team and a clogger as well. (fun note, I had two cloggers, both seniors in the same day!). Anyway, her images are gorgeous and even through it was late fall (like late November) we had gorgeous color and even some beautiful fall flowers!

Senior pictures can be fun at any time of the year, but I am so in love with late fall!!

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