The Art Of Posing! Senior Photographer

Let’s talk about the magic that happens when we strike the perfect pose in a photo session! One of the biggest fears my clients have when booking is “how will I know what to do?” or “I never know what to do with my hands”. Well rest assure…thats where my job comes in. To make sure you feel comfortable and confident with our session every step of the way, and most importantly with posing.

I think one of the biggest mistakes photographers make, is that they see a pose and think it’s universal for every single person who is before their lens. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The skill is to have a few poses and then understand your client, their body, their comfort level, their style and adapt to that.

I have several “go to” poses, and with years of figure drawn and studying the human form, I am able to look at my client and make small adjustments to those “go to’s” and guide our clients to make sure they are comfortable. If something doesn’t feel right, I change, I don’t keep doing the same thing.

Posing is not a one stop shop!
For you photographers, here are a few tips that might help as you work with your seniors!

1. Keep it fluid! They should never feel uncomfortable, it should be natural but with a twist. Perhaps, they love to put their hand on their hip, then coach them in using that to make the pose special, by twisting their shoulders, or bending forward, or leaning back…these are all poses that they can do with their hand on their hip but that doesn’t seem “selfie”

2. Micro changes with Macro Effects: You can do the same basic pose, but then just make little changes and in the matter of minutes, you will have 10 different looks. Learn how to coach your clients through these Changes…”okay, look over there, now keep you head there…but look at me, now tilt your head back a bit and keep your chin down, now move your hands to your pockets, and no just let them hang down loosely to your side”. Can you see how simple this can be?

3. Don’t force something! I can’t say this enough. Know your clients, know their body, study it so you can see how it works and what looks best for them. If it’s a “go to” pose, but it looks awkward on your clients…don’t do it!

4. Keep talking! Your clients need to feel put at ease, this means you should be talking and coaching them through every single step. I am never silent behind the lens. I’m either guiding them or assuring them that what they are doing is perfect! They need that feedback.

5. Save the best for last! I promise you, you typically will love the images toward the end of a session better than the beginning. This is because you are both at the highest comfort level and it shows in the images.

6. Keep things moving! Moment always translates to comfort and ease. Keep your clients shifting their weight, moving their head, changing their hands etc….it makes things feel less “posed” and more natural.

7. Read the room! Know your clients style, what they are wearing etc…you shouldn’t pose a more conservitive preppy girl in the same posing that you would do an artistic funky style gal…this is your job as the photographer to figure out what looks best on your specific client.

The most important thing is to have fun. If they are having fun and are comfortable, it will shine in their images!

I am working on something very exciting when it comes to posing and I can’t wait to share!!!

This beautiful senior was a perfect example of knowing who your client is, what their style is and making it work to bring out their individuality and beauty. You will see, I used her clothing, her hair, her style to help enhance and guide me with her posing. I did poses with her that I wouldn’t have been able to do with just every client.

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