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It’s been a summer of craziness.  Last night as I drove back from the beach, I briefly looked at my calendar and saw the 18 remaining sessions (2 weddings) left in this month and I was just overcome by feeling like I was drowning.  Why?  Because that’s a LOT!  I drove in the darkness and questioned whether I should have continued to book all those, I wondered if it was a wise decision to be as booked up as I am, or if I should have just told potential clients “Im sorry, I just can’t”

This morning, as I sit here and write this, I got a call from a sweet woman, who’s photographer cancelled on them twice (at the beach) First, don’t get me started on how that even happens, but I went through the back and forth of should I just do it, drive down to the beach and photograph them.  It’s another client on my books, yes I will have another opportunity to show the beach world Sara-Anne Photography, I will “save the day” but then reality hit me!  I have been looking forward to 3 days at home.  I need these three days.  God provided these three days, just like He provided the abundance of clients.  Why can I not just relax and trust!  Why do I feel this need…it’s an anxious need to not say no.

So this morning, I’m saying NO!  I gently turned down this sweet client, as hard as it was.  I also booked a vacation for the hubs and I right smack in the middle of my fall season.  WHAT??? again I battled in my mind if that was nuts…loosing 2 weekend, but we need it.

Why is this struggle so real for me?

I think as business owners saying “no” is one of the hardest things to do. We want so desperately to please everyone.  We worry that if we say “no” that someone else will swoop in and become the hero, making us less than.  We worry that people will talk or that someone else might get the “opportunity of a life time”  we also worry about the monetary outcome of saying no.  But we have to learn how to.  It will make us better, it will make us more desirable, it makes us more human. It’s better for our families.  I know it’s so hard, even now, I’m still wondering if I should have taken that beach session.   The answer is NO!  My family will appreciate it, my body will thank me, and in the long run, Sara-Anne Photography will be better.  I don’t know where you are today, but know it’s okay to say NO…be kind, but don’t beat yourself up over it!

I’m excited to share this sweet couples maternity session.  You may remember their wedding images here, but now we are welcoming their baby girl with a custom (and very hot) maternity session.  Katy Osborne did it again with beautiful hair and make up as part of our Expectant Mother Program!   So excited for them!

Chapel Hill Maternity Photographer2016-08-12_0006Chapel Hill Maternity PhotographerChapel Hill Maternity PhotographerChapel Hill Maternity PhotographerChapel Hill Maternity PhotographerChapel Hill Maternity Photographer


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