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I love working with Tweens and Teens, they are some of my favorite to work with.  Why? because secretly, if I knew what I know now, I would have pursued fashion and editorial photography.  If I knew that I would have been able to “make it” as a photographer, I would have chased a different dream.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t LOVE what I do…because I do, but I love working with teens because it brings out my inner fashion photographer.

These are some of my all time favorite to shoot because:

I love styling:  It’s so much fun for me to put outfits together for my clients and them look at me like “your nuts lady” but then in the pictures it all works.  Why is that? Because I see things differently…not better, but just differently and I know what the camera loves.  So I often tell my seniors to bring a suitcase of clothes and I’ll mix match and put outfits together that will work best.  Super fun for me!

I love seeing them transformed:  Oh my goodness…I can’t tell you how fun this is!  When you get a girl that comes in, who is shy, who has been dealing with self esteem issues, who maybe isn’t super confident… see them come in and then we do their hair and make up and its a WOW moment.  But then after they get dressed and we take a few frames and I’m able to show them a shot or two…OH MY …the rest of the shoot is totally different because they see how beautiful they are, how awesome their images will be.

I love what it does for my clients:  They are always so thrilled.  It gives them that boost.  Whether it’s during their senior year and they are getting ready to embark on a new aspect of life or if its a teen who is just in that place of teen hood that stinks, their friends are being poopy and they are just not feeling great about themselves…well, their images just rejuivates them!  It gives them a huge boost!

They are super easy for me:  I know that be a little selfish, but these sessions just flow, I don’t think much about them, the poses, the shots, they all come very easy.  The editing is super fun and all in all I can breeze through a teen session and the editing in hours.

I can’t shoot urban:  I adore shooting urban, but so many of clients love the rustic soft light that I don’t get to do a lot of it!  But with the teens, I can…I can find these funky places, these locations that no one would ever think would be great “locations” and I see them and know exactly what they will look like in the shot.  Urban provides deep colors, edgy feels and provide structure to help with the posing.

Oh Lexi…she is one of my ALL time favorites to photograph.  I could put her in my pocket and just carry her around and photograph her!  I love her look, it’s this boho style and she takes direction SO well.  Her eyes are amazing and she’s so comfortable in front of my lens.  Its always a pleasure to photograph her and I’m super excited about her images.

Those eyes!

Those eyes!


Love her style!

Love her style!


Hello Magazine!

Hello Magazine!



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