Isn’t She Lovely? Burlington NC Senior Photographer

It’s WEDNESDAY!!! Whoo Hoo!  I spent the morning at the orthodontist (as we embark on the journey of braces for my youngest) It was a bit of a crazy time as she gags really easily and that made her upset and we almost didn’t make it through.  Then her sweet (and very good) Dr came in and said “let me help!”  and he did!  Despite her tears and her “I’m not doing this” he (the professional that he is) very kindly walked her through what neither me nor his very competent assistants couldn’t.  Success!!!

It got me thinking:  Not only do we have a gem for a ortho…but in the midst of that he was telling us about all his training (13 years of college) and experience and that made what was an experience that was heading south quickly…into one where we left victorious!

That’s what being a ‘PROFESSIONAL’ means…it’s why you pay for expertise.  Its the same with your portraits.  Someone sent me a link to a page and asked my “professional opinion” of the images.  I really had to stop for a second as I browsed through them.  The faces were orange from too much saturation, there were body parts cut off, harsh shadows, used in auto mode and a pop flash.  Now it’s not my place to tell someone that what they product is not art.  But when you pay for a service (and in some cases invest a lot of resources) you want to know that the person you are hiring are…Experienced, trained, know what to do when trouble arises, know how to work through problem situations with little issues giving the client so much confidence, you want someone who can be flexible and who you have the utmost of confidence in!

I just want my clients to have the same confidence in me and experience as I did this morning!  It’s after all why you hire a pro!

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this beautiful class of 2015 beauty! I love seniors! I’m not kidding…she didn’t take one bad shot!  We bounced around Burlington and some of my “secret” spots and I think we managed to truly capture her spirit!  Thank you so much Hannah for giving me the opportunity to work with you!  Best of luck as you pursue your dreams!

2015-01-28_0003Burlington NC Senior Photographer2015-01-28_00022015-01-28_00042015-01-28_00052015-Burlington NC Senior PhotographerBurlington NC Senior Photographer-01-28_00072015-01-28_00082015-01-28_0009Burlington NC Senior Photographer-01-28_0010Burlington NC Senior Photographer-01-28_00112015-01-28_0012Burlington NC Senior Photographer2015-01-28_0014

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