Independence Day at Holden Beach: Holden Beach Photographer

I have to say, I love the 4th of July!  It brings back so many traditions for me and my family.  As a child I use to be at camp for the 4th, (a traditional girls camp where I stayed 8 weeks) we would have a parade and picnic and always was a highlight of the summer!  After I had our children, we made our way up to Eagles Mere, PA to my parents lake house…this was truly the small town that time forgot…it was this old Victorian town with so much quaintness and tradition.  We would go to the country club for their picnic and then always participated in a parade!  We then would make our way to the small catholic church and sit in the grave yard for the most amazing fireworks show that we all thought was better than any we had seen in Washington DC.  Loads of memories!  Since my mom died, we now celebrate at the beach…we sit on my aunt Janets porch and watch the fireworks from Southport down to Myrtle…all up and down the beach.  We have home made ice-cream, cook out, my kids play with sparklers and we just have fun as a family and I love it!  I’m thankful for a few days without beach sessions…though we’ll be back at it next week with 4 sessions!

This year I wanted to capture Micah (and Makaley too) on the beach..but not in the typical beach session.  Micah got his hair cut in a Mohawk and I had this vision for this session!  I wanted to be completely respectful of the flag and the symbolism….there’s a lot of chatter on social media about how the flag is used in art.  But in the end I loved these images!

I decided to ask some kids what the 4th of July meant ….here are some of the answers I got!  I love looking at things through a child’s eye!

“The United States Birthday” Lilie age 4

“A shrug and blank stare”  Presley age 2

“um, I don’t know…do you get a prize” Eli age 2

“Because school is all done” Owen age 4

“when then signed the constituition” Sarah age 9

“Day that we became a country and gained freedom from the Britts” Micah age 13

“A day we celebrate and hand out candy” Gavin age 7

“birthday of our country” Nevy age 7

“red white and blue” Nora age 4

“We celebrate the sky” Autumn age 9

“We get to spend time with our family and watch fireworks” Logan age 8

“We celebrate America’s birthday”  Emma

“We get to watch fireworks” Bethany age 6

“when the sky blows up and makes pretty colors” Gabrielle age 2

I hope wherever you are this independence day that you truly enjoy your time with your family building traditions!

(note, please excuse the editing….I’m using a loaner computer without my editing program)



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