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It’s a super rainy day here in NC….we’ve had three straight days of rain and though I’m thankful for the rain to wash away the pollen and to provide us with a bit of a respite from sessions, It wreaks havoc on my schedule!

The orchard session pictures still continue to be amazingly beautiful.  And with that, I continue to get “where is that orchard”  or “how do you find your locations”  It really isn’t hard.  I think you do have to have an eye for it and see the beauty in things that may not appear beautiful.

I remember a few years ago, I found this spot that I love…it had this gorgeous fence, dreamy light, lush plants…and it was in the yard of a run down house that had junk all around it.  It happened to be land that was owned by one of my clients and so I just asked.  Those images are some of my favorite images of all time!

So 5 tips to help you find a location:

1.  Ask!  I ask my friends, my clients, locals about locations that I have in mind!  For instance, this one here!  I had mentioned to my client that I really wanted something with water …but where I had thought of originally didn’t work.  She said, “well there’s my mother in laws”  OMG…it’s the most awesome location and people ask me all the time “where is that”  So I ask!

2.  Look for the Gem among the stones:  I all the time, find the most beautiful spots where there is so much uglyness…it doesn’t matter!  (yes I have to prep my clients) but last week I was photographing a high school senior….we used the side of a bridge that had all these gorgous trees near it, but there was trash everywhere and we had to hike down a bit…but WOW..wait to you see the pictures.  Most would have driven by…but I was able to see the beauty.

3.  Make a list of locations that you want to shoot at and then start hunting for them:  I have a dream list in the car.  I have urban spots and things that I want with those (like I really am looking for an old train engine for a engagement shoot) or old cars, or beautiful gardens, walls with vines etc.  I keep that “wish list” going and then when I find it, I write down the address and I know where it is when it comes time to shoot.

4.  Explore!  My husband often calls me Louis and Clarke as I am always taking new ways home from places we go. I do this so I can find little gems to shoot at.  I found the most awesome location last week as I was driving home from a shoot…why because I made myself take another route.  It’s an amazing little apple orchard…can’t wait to share the images from the sessions that I will be taking there!

5.  Ask!  If I see a private residence that I love and think would be perfect…I ask!  I go with a bunch of flowers and ask if I can use their property for a shoot.  (most of the time I don’t use residences..but land) I’m blessed as I live in the south and most people are super thrilled to let me do so.  I always follow it up with a bag of cookies and thank you!

As I mentioned locations are a huge part of why I think my images stand out!  They are not the norm!  But I work hard at finding them!  One location that has become as staple for our studio is the orchards.  We use them every year and they are BEAUTIFUL!  Our clients have grown to love them and look forward to the limited edition sessions that we offer around this time of year!

This beauty joined in the fun …and OH MY!  She’s just precious! and perfect in those blossoms!  Her little eyes twinkle and her grin was just so sweet!

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