Happy Monday! Wrightsville Beach Photographer

I’m a happy girl this morning!  A bit tired, (okay a lot tired) but I’m happy!  Things are going so well for so many reasons and my heart is full!  I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting the last few days (driving gives me that ability) and just thinking of all the God has blessed us with.

You know…that in life, you are either getting ready to go into a storm, in a storm or heading out of a storm!  (can I get an AMEN)

Well right now, I feel we (my family, my business) are heading out of a storm.

This summer has been busy, YES!  my busiest  yet, but so good!

  • So many beach sessions (too many to count) but so thankful for that! .
  • My kids have had a great summer!  My son, has been so involved with our church, his heart is full as he’s done so many fun things.  He’s had a ton of sleep overs and time just hanging at the pool.  He’s headed to DC to do SERVE camp (his favorite) and he’s come with me several times to the beach for sessions.  He’s had such a great summer.  AND he’s been without his meds…(for ADHD) and he’s growing, eating, sleeping and happy!  (we have a huge dilema come school)
  • My daughter and I have been able to spend so much one on one time…that just feeds her soul.  As a girl who’s getting ready to head into middle school, I’ve been able to talk with her about deep things such as friendships, self image, her goals and dreams (which she has so many) etc!  It’s been so fun!
  • The husband and I had a great 10 days away together (boy we needed it and we need again) after I have been gone for so long!  Some know, he suffers from MD (muscular dystrophy) and this year has been extremely hard health wise…we got his electric wheelchair, he’s had limited mobility…but he’s doing so well in so many ways.
  • I’ve had so much encouragement from my community!  (most know that this winter was SO hard for SAP) but WOW, I have never felt more sure about what I am doing!  The opportunities I have had, the commercial shoots, the high profile people…it’s all been so rewarding.  There was a time this winter that I truly wondered if Sara-Anne Photography would survive, if it was time for me to call it quits, but deep in my soul I believed that I needed to grow, I needed a kick in my pants to change and work harder.
  • This summer has been filled with BIG plans for our future!  We will be launching a new brand with a new associate photographer!  We are looking at the possibility of opening another studio location, we are partnering with several really cool businesses and so much more!

So you see why my heart is full!  I’m headed back to the beach today (somewhat exhausted) but with the opportunity to photograph one of the most amazing sessions (beach yet) and I’m blessed!

I loved this session!  I love being able to capture generations…and when one of those generations include the most adorable little boy…it’s just perfect!  When this mom emailed me to capture she and her son at Wrightsville I was so excited!  She sent me a picture and those brown eyes just made my heart melt.  He didn’t disappoint and SO smart!  Then you ad in mom and grandmom (who was clearly in love with her daughter and grandson ) and how can you go wrong!


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