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If you are a reader to this blog, then you know that things have been VERY busy for the last 8-9 months…this year has been so full with wonderful things, but I have also found myself in a place where I feel that I can’t go on doing what I’ve been doing. I’ve been weighing the options and even wondering if it was time for Sara-Anne Photography to close it’s doors…but I know that’s just out of exhaustion.   I’ve been praying a lot for guidance and wisdom as I navigate waters that are unknown to me.   A few things have been coming to mind over and over..

  • There are seasons in business!  I have definitely been in a season of growth.  We have had more clients behind our camera this year than ever before, we have had more opportunities for learning and we are honored…but there have been growing pains.
  • So many opportunities …so little time:  I am so blessed…beyond anything I could have ever imagined for my little business that we are continually blessed with opportunities for SAP. There are things like press opportunities, teaching & speaking, mentoring and so much more…but I personally can only do so much.  I have to understand my boundaries and realize that in order to take part in all of those, it can’t just be me.
  • My creativity is the one thing that fuels me…and it is stifled when I’m overwhelmed.  Therefore, I have I have to do whatever I need to in order to not feel overwhelmed.  It’s when I do my best work.  And my clients come to me not only because we offer beautiful products (which we do) but because my work is different and I need it to continue to be.
  • I am surrounded by some of the most awesome people in the creative field and I love building realtionships with them.  This is so important to me and I feel so strongly that to keep building those, it takes time and I want to be able to nurture these.
  • I have BIG dreams:  I have always been a dreamer, it’s not something I lack of.  When I am sitting with just me and my thoughts, you would not believe all that I think of and where SAP can go.   I know that God has even bigger plans for SAP…but right now we have about as much as we can handle…probably more and so again I find myself saying “if I only had time or help”
  • I can’t take my business to new places alone:  I’ve spent a lot of time looking at other small creative business and wondering how they manage such full schedules and all that they do.  Many of them are husband and wife teams, many don’t need the “full” schedule as it’s a supplemental income, and others have help!  Alone, is not where I need to be…I need to be in a place where I have a team of people who catch my vision, who are as committed to SAP as I am, who want to learn the whole business side and who have a burning desire to grow in their own skills so that they want to take SAP to new places and are excited about it.

So that leads me to what’s next!  I recently read that every photographer needs 1.  A mentor  2.  A student and 3 A team member ….and I realized that I’m really missing the latter….a team member, someone that will help really shoulder some of the load at the studio.  SO…..

We are looking for an individual to work 23-35 hours/ week with Sara-Anne Photography.  Ideal candidate will have a strong interest in learning about business and how to manage and operate  a small successful studio.  Candidates will posses a strong work ethic and understanding of representing a brand.  Must be professional and friendly.   Candidates may have interest in starting their own photography or creative business, but details and requirements must be agreed upon by applicant and owner prior to employment.  Salary based on commission.

Skills Needed:

  • Interpersonal Skills:  Must work well with others, must have strong communication skills both on the phone and through written word.
  • Work Independently:  Must be a self starter and problem solver.  Be able to work independently with little supervision.
  • Attention to Detail: Must have have strong attention to detail and strong organization skills.
  • Strong Design Skills:  A background in design or strong creative ability desired.
  • Brand Recognition:  Must have a good understanding of brands and brand relevance and how that relates to Sara-Anne Photography
  • Flexibility:  One thing about this job is that it will need to be flexible

Job Responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting with Photography Shoots:  Working with Sara-Anne as an assistant on photo sessions as needed.
  • Administrative:  Help to manage all communications for Sara-Anne Photography including, email, phone calls, managing studio database, mailings, packaging and other day to day admin tasks.
  • Client Relations: Work with clients to arrange orders, pick ups and other client processes
  • Design:  Will learn how to design albums, greeting cards and other products in Photoshop.  Will also assist in various design projects for the studio.
  • Production: Help with ordering and receiving.
  • Marketing:  Will help with marketing initiatives and projects including events, meetings and other opportunities
  • Studio Operations:  Will help with the day to day maintenance and operations of the studio (light cleaning, organization, prepping for sessions)

Qualified clients please send an email to put in subject line studio position.   I’m very excited about where this will lead my little business in 2016 and beyond!



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