Beautiful Elon Senior Class of 2016: Elon Photographer

You made it!  It’s FRIDAY!!!!  I don’t know about you, but there are some weekends that I can not wait to get to Friday and some that Friday’s just mean the weekend which means WORK!  That’s how this weekend is..WORK!  But I’m thankful!  I was thinking today as I was running like crazy about how thankful I am for a job that I can do what I love!  Here were a few thoughts I wrote down in Evernote (do you use this? if you don’t you should) I love it because for me, I think of ideas, at crazy times when I can’t write.  So I voice text into ever note and I have them all! I know, I diverse.

So today, I’m so thankful for!

  • a job that allows me to do something that I love.  I truly LOVE what I do.  There are days that it’s tough…actually a lot of days are tough, but I LOVE it.
  • that my kids are growing up to be people that I like.  You know, we have to love our kids, we do love them, but lets face it, we put all our heart and soul into them and then just hold our breath that we like them.  I am blessed, because I adore my kids.  They are such awesome people and I’m blessed.
  • My daughter is one creative girl…and she believes she can do anything.  Perhaps my greatest gift that I have been able to give her, is that she has seen her mom go after her creative dream and do well.
  • I am good (okay I know that may sound a bit boastful) but I do a good job and what I do.  I still have loads to learn, but I’m getting there.
  • My big mess ups (which I have made) have turned into huge blessings.  If three years ago when I nearly lost it all, you would have told me that I would have survived it, I would have said you were crazy.  But through the grace of GOD (and Him only) and a lot of work and eating humble pie, my business is better than I would have ever imagined.  God takes our messes and makes them beautiful!
  • My hubs is so close to being done with school.  I am so thankful that we’ve had this time, that God has provided and that he is loving what he’s doing!
  • Friends, I have developed some amazing friendships…people who just amaze me and who are so strong and doing such amazing things in the marketplace that God has them.  My quiver is full and I feel blessed.  I love where I’m planted and thankful.  I would have never thought when we moved to B’town that it would become home!
  • My studio…I love my creative space and I am blessed.  It enables me to have a space to work, to reflect me and all that Sara-anne Photography is and for the community to use.
  • I have a fabulous team!  Right now, more than any other time, I feel like I have the right people in place to help me and SAP move forward.
  • Beach Session Season is here.  I love this time!  Im thankful for the ability to work at the coast, to bring my kids, to stay with family and to capture families from all over the US

When life gets crazy (which it often does) and when I sometimes get overwhelmed (which I can) it always helps me to be thankful and to stop and realize all that I have been given and blessed with.

I was so privileged to have the opportunity to photograph this BEAUTIFUL Elon senior!  She’s pretty awesome…and so are her images!  Thanks Megan for allowing me the opportunity to photograph you and capture this special time in your life.  You are going to do great things and I’m excited to see where you go!

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