Basic Posing Tips! : Greensboro Senior Photographer

This has been quite the season!  We have done less families and more teens and seniors than ever before!  It’s so funny to me to look at trends.

It’s that time when we are all trying to capture our family, maybe its for a family Christmas card or maybe just for some gifts.  You don’ t have to be a professional to pay attention to posing!  It really does help make an ordinary shot…GREAT!

A few basic posing ideas for seniors and for those of you who are behind the camera or phone!

  • Never shoot someone square on, you always want (especially for women) some sort of angle for them.  It’s just not flattering to have them square.
  • Watch arms close to body:  This is one that you really need to pay attention to if the client is wearing long sleeves…it’s less of an issue if they are bare arm, but having arms close to the body, makes them read larger.
  • Have them lean toward you:  I always tell them that it feels weird, but always looks great…and is a great way to elongate the neck.
  • NEVER shoot from below:  Huge pet peeve for me…it just does not flatter anyone.
  • Remember the “S”:   have women form an S with their body..emphasizing their curves.
  • Pay attention to hands:  they have a way of making something look awkward so have your client relax their hands
  • Double jointing:  This is also another thing that sticks out to me like a sore thumb…women are often double jointed so have them bend their elbow a bit and lower their shoulder so it’s not up in their neck.
  • Accentuate the waist: If they are self-conscious about their weight, have them create a waist with their arms or hands

I’m super excited to share these beautiful images…this sweet girl Rocked…I mean, ROCKED! her Senior session!  Thank you Amity for your amazing work (hair and makeup) and thank you Brennan for your beautiful spirit and gorgeous smile!

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