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Seasons!  Not fall, winter, spring or summer, but seasons of our lives.  There are seasons when you say “I can not wait for this to end”  or when you just “coast as things are good” or when we feel we are truly “walking through hell”  and there are seasons of “life is so good, I can’t imagine it better”  we endure these all as we walk through this journey of life.

Being real and vaurnable, I’ve been in a season of struggle.  I am very blessed and I want to make sure that I convey that in the midst of the struggle, I have a job, my husband is about to finish his 2nd masters, my kids are amazing (they are teen agers) but great kids, there are so many things that I could write about when being blessed, and if I’m honest I’m struggling with not writing this post as that as I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy.

Can we be real enough to share that even in the midst of all the good that goes on, that sometimes pain, struggle and confusion is still present?  That is where I am today my friends, that is where I’ve been for a few months.  Despite all the good things in my life, I’m still in a place of confusion and struggle.

I will say, it’s been a long season.  A time of when I’m trying to really press into who God, a truly good and benevolent God is and that He is GOOD to me!

I really believe that we (the Caudle Family) are on the brink of a new place…a new season…where God is going to take not only Sara-Anne Photography, but our family, to new places, a new season.

Let’s face it, we are all either coming out of a struggle, in the middle of a struggle or you are getting ready to go into a struggle…it’s just life. I’m finding the more we can, the more I can, just be content and let God do what He needs to do, the more we learn to see His love for us through these times.  I often wonder why the God of creation wants to know me…cares about me and all my what sometimes seems trivial problems, but the truth….is HE DOES!  He longs for us to know how much we are loved.

Our family is in a place where we are all learning to lean on those everlasting arms.  Where we know what it truly means to have a God who because He knows every hair on our head…He cares for our every need.   Here’s what I know!

  • God longs for us to rest in Him.  This means taking time to just be!  Not to try to be or try to do, but to just BE!
  • That this Good God, is not just Good, but Good to US!  We are worthy (even though we don’t often feel it) of His great love.
  • Pain brings a healing like none other.  Just like a broken bone that is stronger in that place of brokenness…so often is that for our lives.  In the depths of the pain…the brokenness…that is the place where we will be the strongest, if we allow God to heal.
  • We are nothing in our own doing.  I am challenged with this in so many ways.  Being a small business owner and creating something from nothing, it’s so hard to not want to think about all “I’ve” done…but the reality is I’ve done nothing!  I am nothing with out Gods hand in and on my life!

So today dear friends, know that you are not alone in your struggles.  Know that this season, however long or short it may be, is a season and you will come through it.  If you are able to allow God to use it to bring you to through it, you will be in such a sweet place, and I know I’m so excited for that!


Photo credit Ashley Link Photography

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