Why Our Session Fee Is the BEST Bargain Around! Burlington NC Photographer

We are getting flooded with questions about working with our studio and what does it cost and so on and so forth.

I thought I’d take a few posts and talk about our sessions and break down each aspect including pricing and our philosophy behind each.

So first the Session Fee!

I get asked all the time…what is included in the session fee?

Well in my opinion the session fee is really the best “deal” of it all.  For $175 (or $200 for beach) this is all that is included.

Our consolation:  (the time I spend sharing with you about “why Sara-Anne Photography” and how you can best prepare for our session, what to wear, finding custom locations that are unique and special to your family and sharing with you about our products and what you can expect from working with our studio)

Welcome Packet:  How many other studios do you know send out a beautifully designed welcome packet, chalked full of information that includes things such as wall guides suggestions for your prints, our what to wear guides, our session check list and much more) our clients tell us that after getting this beautiful little bundles in the mail, it confirms that “there is a difference” with Sara-Anne Photography.  Here’s what one clients wrote recently.

Sara-Anne, I received your beautiful welcome packet today and I am even more excited about working with you.  I now know why you are the best around.  The information that you provided is so helpful and I am confident that we will be perfectly prepared for our session in a few weeks.  Thank you again!

Locations:  It takes time to find our locations (sometimes they are very unique and exclusive to our studio) They don’t just pop out of thin air…we spend hours, driving around and looking for the perfect location that is JUST for YOU and your family!

The Shoot:  Most of the time our session lasts about 1 1.5 hours..but for newborns it can last a lot longer.  But before and after the session I’m gathering props (or putting them away) …that’s not to mention prop hunting, BUT the most important part of the “session” is my talent…my artistic eye….my experience…this is why you I hope you are hiring me FIRST…that you have looked through these pages, you see beautiful work and you want that for your family.  Also, often it’s not just me at the session, its my assistant as well…she helps tremendously with newborns, with posing with props, it makes things go very smoothly.   All of this is included in my session fee!

Post Processing:  I explain more about this in detail here…but it takes me about 3-5 hours to edit your session and present it to you.  I really believe that our editing is at some of the highest level in the industry and that when you receive your images…they are all works of art!

You can see why I feel my session fee is the greatest bargain around.  You are , my unique locations chosen just for your family, all the preparation so that our session goes off with out a hitch, beautifully edited images, my time and years of experience….I could take it father and truly break it down dollar wise, but I know you can see and figure out 🙂

So when you see a photographers “session fee” I hope now you have a bit of a better understanding as to why there is one….and I personally feel that those that aren’t charging session fees are dis-valuating their work, time and experience.

I hope the above helps…next post we’ll talk about Prints!

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph this sweet little bundle a few months ago…she was the easiest baby!  She’s beautiful!

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