Weekly Wrap Up and Lessons Learned: Cherry Grove Family Photographer

Quite a few lessons learned this week!

  • I sometimes feel like the weakest parent ever…I mean, my two teens are navigating the hard roads of friendships and at times those can be painful and my mama bear instincts just want to come out with guns blaring.  When my kids are hurting at the hands of others, I don’t do well…my heart breaks and I just want to fight their battles.  It’s a conscience effort for me to keep my mouth closed and to be strong support for them.  I’m learning that the best thing I can do, is to be there, offer an ear for them to share with, to help guide them, but to be strong.  Thats a struggle…I was in tears this past weekend as one of our kiddos was hurting.  I was doubting my strength as a parent, was questioning if I had what it took to help them through what they need.  I was reminded of something that God showed me several years ago…I’m the best mom for these two…no one else was chosen to be their mom…I was and therefore I will be equipped with what I need.  Yes, I will make mistakes, but we’ll get through!
  • Flexibility is so vital.  Things never go the way we planned right?  I mean, very rarely and the more you can just “go with it” the better!  I hadn’t planned on spending the whole week at the beach (a rainy week), but it rained every day and we were so thankful for clients who did exactly what we needed…went with it. I spent this entire week dodging rain storms and rescheduling sessions.  I had technical issues as nothing is ever the way it’s suppose to be when working remotely, and we had lots of meetings and consultations.  To say it was crazy is an understatement, but you know what…we made it! It’s Saturday and I’m home and trying to cross a few more things off the to-do list before a few more beach sessions.
  • How blessed I am.  I say it all the time, and so many photographers say it too…but I really do think I have the most amazing clients.  I have been so encouraged by their sweet words, their complete trust in our studio and how they value memories captured.  Not only are they just gorgeous, but they are so sweet and just so awesome to work with!
  • I’ve been so hard on myself the last few days, so many things that I wanted to accomplish, so many goals that lay un attained.   I do spend the time on the road planning and thinking.  This week, I looked back at my “year end goals” and I’m not anywhere close to achieving them…why? because I’ve been working and that’s okay!  It’s so hard, in a day when we are faced with everyones achievements in their beautiful instagrams, and how “awesome” things are, and all their successes, it’s hard not to get discouraged and wonder why you don’t seem to be moving at the same pace.  This week I realized, I don’t have time for “magazine submissions, or attending workshops” (not that those are bad because they aren’t they are great things) but I am just peddle to the meddle right now…working, doing what I’m called to do, being a photographer.  I didn’t even post on instagram for a few days…OH MY, but its okay!

So despite the crazy week, the infusions, the rain, the messed up schedules, I am reflecting on all that I learned this week and I’m thankful!

So excited to share this beautiful family’s session.  It’s been a over a year in the making.  They were scheduled for last fall, but then Hurricane Matthew had other plans and we moved it to this year.  So thankful for the beautiful evening we had at the point at Cherry Grove.  This family is just gorgeous, their colors were perfect, the kids beautiful and we just had fun as I captured their family!  Thank you Troutman family for allowing me to photograph you!

2017-08-12_00292017-08-12_00282017-08-12_00272017-08-12_00262017-08-12_0025troutman family2017-08-12_0023family pictures north myrtle beach2017-08-12_00212017-08-12_0020cherry grove point sessionwhat to wear beach pictures2017-08-12_00172017-08-12_0016cute girl on beach cherry grove2017-08-12_00142017-08-12_00132017-08-12_00122017-08-12_0011cherry grove beach2017-08-12_00092017-08-12_0008family beach pictures cherry grove2017-08-12_00062017-08-12_0005large family posing beach2017-08-12_00032017-08-12_0002Cherry Gove Family Photographer


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