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It’s been nice to be able to spend a few days at home, not on the road….there is loads of laundry to do, a few suitcases to un-pack, but we are all enjoying hanging out in our own abode, even the dog is happy!  I’ve had a few newborns the last few weeks …and someone asked why do you always use an assistant during newborn sessions.  There are several answers…and if you are a newborn photographer and don’t have someone to help you…you really should think about it!  Two is better than one!  Here are some of my thoughts behind that!

  • Newborn safety SHOULD always be at the forefront of the mind of your photographer.  They should know not only how to pose a newborn, but how to handle one, what their little bodies can or can not do.  Nothing burns me more than to see pictures floating around of babies hanging in slings with their heads not supported or images (beautiful ones) of babies out in the middle of a stream…but it’s clearly not a composite (two pictures put into one) So having a second set of hands, always helps with the safety issue!
  • Newborn sessions will go smoother:  If you have someone there to help aid you, you can truly move along much quicker, I get asked about how long typical newborn sessions last, and truly, when I have my assistant helping, they last about 1 1/2 hours…when I don’t…they can go on for hours.
  • Details:  I find that the tiny details is what helps set some photographers apart…the little hands, that faces aren’t scrunched, that headbands are in the perfect place, that blankets are as smooth as possible..this all helps create those perfect images and having a second person, really helps with that…it’s 4 eyes instead of two!
  • For composites:   Some of the poses you simply can not do without two hands, babies heads need to be supported, hands held in place etc…you can not shoot and do these without help!
  • If you are lucky enough to have another photographer to help you, especially a newborn photographer, it really helps as they know the ropes, they know how to soothe, they know posing, etc.

2nd set of hands to help sooth a almost asleep newborn

2nd set of hands to keep baby safe

AMAZING final shot! Two is better than one!

Below, I’ve posted a few pictures of why it’s so important to have the 2nd set of hands and what it takes to get the amazing shot at the end!



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