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Though it’s one of the most beautiful backdrops you can have for your family pictures, it’s also one of the most challenging! Whether you are a photographer or a mom with a camera, I’m talking about the beach!  People love the beach, the wide open space, the sunsets, the feelings that it emotes and all the memories!  So why not take pictures in this beautiful spot?


Because it’s hard!  I hoping that I’m able to break it down a bit and give you some tips that will help you.

easy steps to take better beach pictures


  • Find the right light. Want a dreamy shot then you need some dreamy light. The easiest time to find it is the hour before sunset when the sun is low in the sky and shadows are at a minimum.
  • Capture the action. The quickest way to capture those action shots of riding in the waves is to use the continuous burst setting on your camera. This means as long as you hold down the capture button the camera will keep shooting.
  • Use Reflections: Reflections can be magical, use them since you have them.
  • No hair in the face: Face your subject towards the wind so the wind blows behind
  • Adjust your Settings:  I play with my shutter speed all the time at the beach.  Sometimes I want to capture a lot of details in the water, pooling around feet.  Shooting at a higher shutter speed will help with this.
  • Vantage Points:  Your baby is playing
  • in the sand, get down in the sand with them.  Clients are walking down the beach, shoot from their feet to create a different shot!  Get in the water and shoot towards the beach.  All these things will make for interesting shots
  • Embrace Sillouttes:  Position your subject right between you and the sun, shooting straight at the sun and you’ll get some beautiful silhouettes!
  • Pay attention to the background. Nothing ruins a photo faster than a busy background with random objects or strangers lurking behind your subject. Even when the beach is busy it is still possible to find an angle that eliminates that stuff.
  • Watch the horizon line. You don’t want your subjects to look like they are falling over so keep the horizon in mind, especially when you are shoot towards the water. The horizon needs to be level if it is present in an image.
  • Avoid harsh shadows. Finding and using the golden light, close to sunset, will definitely help you avoid this. But let’s face it some of the shots you are going to want to capture will be in the middle of the day. One quick and easy option is to turn on your flash. This will balance out the brightness of the sun. Another option is to shoot close-up on your subject so the camera will expose correctly for the face.

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