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I’m a big goal setter…like I always have my goals in front of me so that on a daily (sometimes hourly), I’m reminded of what I’m supposed to be doing and where I’m going!   Our purpose is usually not about us…but about something bigger and if we get out of the way, we can often fulfill our purpose to a greater fashion!   I’ve been thinking about that all day and decided that for this week, I’m going to work on being more purposeful (not task-oriented) and allowing myself to be used for something that is outside of me!

When thinking about being purposeful there are a few things that I feel stand in the way and one way to move forward is by seeing the obstacles and deliberately moving them!  Here are 3 that I know get in my way!

Fear:  For some reason, we are given big dreams, we have goals and desires that I believe are often providence driven and places in our hearts and souls for a reason, but then we let fear get a hold and tell us that those dreams were meant for someone else, that those hearts desires are not attainable for someone like us.  We have to give way to fear, we have to push it down and let our dreams shine!  Let them overtake the fear!   Our gut often pushes us to the edge of taking that leap, but then fear says “don’t” and we listen!  Don’t’ listen anymore.  What is the one thing that you can do this week that will overcome fear?  I find the more we face fear head-on, the easier it gets.

Not Knowing Your Why:  Why is it that you want to be purposeful?  What are the things that are being written on your heart even as you read this?  I know that there are things in your mind that you think “I want to do this” or “I’m being led this way”  what I suggest is that you write down your WHY….because it will help keep you motivated.   For example, my “teenshoots”   I love doing them, it fills my soul, even when I’m swamped and feel overwhelmed, providing those images for young girls helps to give me a purpose.  But what really drives me is the WHY…it’s because I feel so strongly (because of my own personal experience) that every young woman deserves to have beautiful image of them.  My why is what keeps me motivated to do it.  When I lose track of the Why, I then let other things get in the way!  What is yours why?

Don’t Procrastinate:  For me, this is a huge obstacle.  I often find reasons why I should put something off.  I can think of a zillion reasons to “wait”  reasons like I’m not prepared, or I don’t have the time, but the fact is that we need to just do!  I have found that if I just jump, then it’s often when things work out the best.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are many things that need some planning, but often we can plan our way out of doing something.  Just get to it.  Let your heart really lead you and you will find the motivation to move forward.

So here’s to living with more purpose, to following those deep dreams that are in your heart and to leaving a legacy, because in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about!

These two!!!   I mean, their images speak for themselves and it’s hard to come up with words because they are just stunning….however, I will tell you, that their hearts are even more beautiful than their external.  I have grown to love and adore the women in their family, starting with their beautiful mom (who one day soon I am going to get her in a picture with these two girlies)  Their beauty is deep, they feel deep, you can see it in their eyes!  They are so amazingly talented and when I talk above about living with purpose…even at young ages, they are doing that!  My heart was absolutely bursting when mom sent me a text in November that one of her girls wanted a photoshoot for Christmas!  Can we just say, ALL THE FEELS!!!  So we made that happen a few weeks ago, with the help of Adrianne at The Loft Styling studio, we did their shoot!  Can we just say hair goals with them????  I’m so excited to share these!

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