How We Are Surviving our Quarantine:

I had a friend text me today asking “how are you all doing….I mean, really how are you doing?”  I took a pause.  There was a part of me that wanted to give her the quick short version, “we’re hanging in there” but then I realized, she really wanted to know.  I told her that I was up most of the night last night with anxiety because I had read a few scary articles.  I shared with her about how my bank account is dwindling quickly as we were still in “slow season” and our resources that we have lived off of were coming to an end.  I told her about all the uncertainty with school and such for my kids and I talked about how, I could be doing a million things (cleaning, organizing etc) but for some reason lack the mojo to do any of it…but in the end, I was able to say “at least we like being with each other, we are pretty happy”  and for that I’m thankful.

How are we surviving?  Well, just to give you a little background, we live in a pretty small house, with only one common area.  We don’t have a big back yard and really are not “outdoorsy” people.  We do love and watch way too much TV and will play a game here and there!  But what are some tips that we do?

Keep a Sleep Schedule:  Well, we have kept our schedule of waking and sleeping for the most part!  We have always headed to bed around 11 pm and we still do.  We get up around 7, which is what we have done for years.  (our kids don’t, but that’s okay) it gives us time to work.  There have been a few nights that we’ve stayed up later and yesterday, I laid in bed until 8:30 am, but we are trying to keep those schedules.

Socialing distancing at its finest!  I’m doing my best to stay off social media.  I really don’t care right now about my algorithims and what I “should” be doing.  I just can’t!  My birthday came last week, I was on all day, looking at the birthday messages, and you know what? I ended up super depressed.  Social media is not my friend right now!  I find myself playing the “comparison game, being offended because I haven’t heard from so and so, and loaded with anxiety becuase of all the “political and health” posts.  I’m just staying distant…it’s my way of social distancing!

Not Stressing School:  Ok, I know I’ll get eyerolls from some, but to be honest, school has never been a strong suit …our kids struggle!  Micah hates it, and Makaley, though she’s a great student, it’s not something she “loves” They both struggle with ADD and online schooling is just hard!  We are just doing what we can!  I’m not stressing over it!  They do their work, but we are not keeping strict schedules as we don’t need the added stress!  Most of us, this is not what we were called to do (homeschooling) so just do your best!  If you need a mental health day…take it!  Lean on resources that are out there!  I was thinking about the fact, that 20 years ago…where would we be?  Our kids wouldn’t have all these options!  Don’t worry if you can’t produce Pinterest worthy projects, we’re doing good here to just get things done!

Get Dressed:  I joked the other day that I couldn’t find a bra because it had been so long since I wore one…and I changed that, this past week, I got dressed, even if it was still loungewear, it was not PJ’s.  Chris has had to wear work clothes because of his clients and while there are days to be in PJ’s all day long, I’m so much more productive if I get dressed

Give Grace:  This one has been hard.  I see all the creatives and business owners using this time to “pivot” to “hustle” and I do that because we need the income, but I find myself so pulled in so many directions and the need to “do” this or needing to “do” that.  I finally realize last week, it okay!  We are walking something that no one has ever walked, there is no RIGHT way to do it!

Enjoy the Staycation:  Yes, yes, yes!!! look at this time as a gift!  I said it!  I know its hard to relax when you don’t have a job, or when your kids are driving you crazy, but we as a society need this time!  We need to slow down.  We run at such a frantic rate and it’s not healthy!  I can only assume that if we can keep healthy, we will end up in a better place on the other side of this!  We will remember this time for the rest of our lives, our kids will remember it and I’m praying in our house, that its a time that changes us!  Find things to do as a family (pull out a puzzle, bake bread, etc)  I made our kids write a small “Quarantine Bucket List”  Things it included were learning how to make lemon bars, using a sourdough starter to bake, start an herb garden, teach Roxy new tricks and learn to felt!

Remember who’s in charge:  God!  that’s all I can say!  We are walking through a storm, but He is the master and has this!  I am confident in one thing, that I have a hope that no matter what, God!!!! I’m trying to dig a bit deeper in my relationship, in my reading, in my prayers.  Not because I want something from Him (though I do desire this to go away) but because I have the time that I never have.

Check-in with those who you love:  I am making a conscious effort and our family is, to find small ways to encourage those who I love, who we love.  Whether its dropping off a loaf of fresh bread to writing notes, in order to not go crazy, we have to get outside of the “poor me”  and use this time to be a blessing and encourager to others.

So that’s what we are doing. We are far from perfect, we have times of frustration and when our voices raise louder than I would like to admit.  We have scheduling issues (a small house) and two musicians, and a therapist that needs to work in private, and a mom who likes to watch TV…yeah..there are moments.  However, I’m trying to be thankful for this time, to love on my family and those I love more than ever and …to rest!  Productivity will happen, but it’s just not the first thing on my list!  Hang in there my friends, we are all in this together!


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