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A few Q&A about our Beach Sessions!

What is the Process?  Well the first thing is what you are doing!  Reading all the question and answers!  It will help you get to know the process and more about us.  For full details about working with our studio and what you can expect from start to finish…you will want to check out this link.

But for starts the process is this:

  • Fill out this form (it enters you into our booking system and gets you on our calendar)
  • Then pay your session fee (this secures your date) our session fee is $200 families over 12 is $300 we will send you an invoice so you can pay this online.
  • Then we will confirm your date and start the process (you will receive our beautiful welcome packet in the mail from the studio and we walk you through any other questions that you have)

What Should We Wear?  This is always the first question families (moms) ask me as soon as they book!  I have lots of suggestions here I would always ad some color, even if you like the white on the beach, change it up a bit and ad cream or ad gray.   Blues and greens always look great!   But here are my tips other than colors

  • Men…wear a button down and not a polo shirt (really photographs so much better)
  • I don’t suggest shorts for women, dress or crop pants
  • bring something to hold hair back, headband, clips etc…it gets so windy you will want the option
  • textures always photograph well
  • don’t forget to accessorize!

What can we expect to pay?  So this is such a loaded question, but the one that most people will base their decision on.  Let me first say this!

  • You get what you pay for!  Sara-Anne Photography is one of the NC coasts leading photographers.  We specialize in beach sessions and in the last 4 years have photographed over 150 families at our coast.  We are a boutique studio, meaning that we don’t just book you, shoot and burn you a CD…we create ART! There is a difference!  Most of our clients, though they love the digital formatted images that we offer with our collections, they are most in love with our products such as large canvases, our beautiful albums and our fine art prints.  Our greatest goal, is that you adore your images so much (which you will) that you will want to display them for all your friends and family to see as well as share online.
  • ALL our collections include both digital images (with rights to print) AND fine art product so you get the best of both worlds.
  • We realize that we are not the photographer for everyone, and we understand that when you choose Sara-Anne Photography, you are making an investment, but we promise that you will love every minute of the process and in the end you will have lasting memories to cherish.
  • Our session fee is $200 (If booked before April 30th this becomes a print credit at the time of ordering) and prints and products are additional.  (please contact us for a detailed price list)

Where and When will our Session Be?  I always shoot 1 hour before sunset…I know that sometimes that makes it hard for families, but it truly is the BEST time and we get those gorgeous lighted images.  If you have beach access, then we can shoot at your location, but I do have my favorite spots at all the beaches.

Do you do weddings at the beach?  Yes we do, please inquire by sending us an email at sacaudle@gmail.com

We have a lot of children, any tips? YES!  I love working with kids!  and over the years, I do have some great tips to help your kids prepare.

  • Make sure they are rested!  I know you are on vacation, but having a well rested child will make all the difference.  Because we shoot late, I really think it works best if all kids, big kids too, get a rest or nap in the afternoon.
  • Give them a snack!  Some families like to go out to eat afterward because they are all dressed up…that is great, but give you kids something to eat to tie them over.  Kids are happy if their tummies are full.
  • Prepare them…let them know that it will be fun (I make it that way) that I will move fast (which I will) and that it’s important to you (which I hope it is)
  • For little ones (toddlers) bring some toys…it gets kind of distracting on the beach so anything that makes noise and gets their attention is great.
  • Make sure they have had their feet in the sand before (some kids do not like the texture and finding that out the night of your session would not be good)

We want pictures of different family groupings is that okay?  Yes, I will shoot it all during a session…individual kids, siblings, cousins, grandparents and grandkids, husbands and wives, mom and kids, dad and kids etc…

What beaches to you photograph at?  I truly go just about anywhere!  However, if I have several sessions at Holden beach or Ocean Isle in a week, I won’t go to Emerald Isle…so pre-booking is very important!  It means that you get to govern where I’ll be that week.  Here’s a list of the beaches that we shot at last year.

So you can see, we will go just about anywhere!

This is my last beach 2nd to last beach session from last year to blog!  I have to say I love these images….the light was just amazing as it looked as it was going to storm the entire time!  Beach season is upon us and I’m super excited about it!



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